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A Bit About Me (Josh Cummins)

A Bit About Me
Activity Multiple Choice
Activity Multiple Choice

Let's learn how to talk aobut yourself and say some things about you and your life.

Here is Josh talking about himself. Watch the video and then you can do the listening activity under the Activities tab.



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Choose the option that best answers or completes the question or sentence.


Why does he put on a different T-shirt?
A- It was very dirty
B- He was wearing that same T-shirt on his last video
C- He noticed it smelt bad
D- He likes changing clothes
What time is it now?
A- 4 o'clock in the morning
B- 5:30 in the afternoon
C- 4 o'clock in the afternoon
D- 6:15
What was that phone call about?
A- A friend trying to meet
B- His mum
C- His girlfriend was just saying hello
D- To tell him he has been hired
How old is he?
A- 20
B- 12
C- 33
D- 25
Where is he from?
A- America
B- Florida
C- Australia
D- Spain
Why does he say "sorry mum"?
A- It was very hard for her to raise three children
B- He and his brothers were very naughty and troublesome
C- Because he hasn't visited her for a long time
D- She wanted a girl but she got three boys instead
Does he like being the middle brother?
How long have his parents been married?
A- Something impossible to say
B- More than 30 years
C- They are not married
D- 13 years
Who are his best friends?
A- His parents
B- Two boys from school
C- His two brothers
D- He has no best friends yet
What does he like about his little brother Sam?
A- He knows a lot about politics
B- He doesn't care what people think about him
C- He is the most intelligent in the family
D- He is so cute
Who acted the part of Blue Ranger?
A- Himself
B- His brother Sam
C- His older brother
D- His father
What kind of job he wants to have?
A- A military
B- A soccer player
C- An architect
D- Acting and film making
He mentions a few things he likes. He doesn't mention one of the things in this list, which one?
A- Eating
B- Having a shower
C- Running
D- Sleeping
What is his biggest concern (the thing he finds most important)
A- The present
B- The past
C- The future
D- His fantasies
What is he drinking at the end of the video?
A- Tea
B- Orange juice
C- Nothing
D- Milk
Total number of items: 15
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