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A European Road Trip (with key)

Activity Multiple Choice
Activity Multiple Choice
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Choose the option that best answers or completes the question or sentence.


Charlie says he feels more in tune with...
A- Old people
B- grown-ups
C- today's young people
D- young people from the past
Who says the word "Yolo" very often?
A- old people
B- grown-ups
C- today's young people
D- young people from the past
What month did Charlie start the trip to Europe?
A- September
B- October
C- August
D- November
What is Contiki?
A- A YouTube company
B- A travel agency specialized in young people
C- A club for overtly nice people
D- An advertising company
Meals were set by the travel agent's, so people could not choose. How did Charlie feel about it?
A- excited
B- a freak
C- controlled
D- terrified
Every morning, when they got on the coach, a song was played on. What song was it?
A- Fun
B- We Are Young
C- Kentuki
D- Setting the Night on Fire
Did Charlie learn all the lyrics to that song?
A- Yes, he did
B- No, he didn't
C- Only part of it
D- He did but now he can't remember
In Germany he found a lot of...
A- beer
B- food
C- meat, potatoes and beer
D- October Fest fairs
Does Charlie drink alcohol?
A- No
B- Yes
C- Sometimes
D- Only when he's partying
In October Fest he found people nice and jolly, not rowdy and drunk as you would expect...
A- in a big celebration
B- in a party full of young people
C- in the UK
D- in a typical German festival
He loved Austria because it was...
A- full of mountains
B- a good place for cycling
C- the place with the best food
D- relaxing
How did Charlie feel about water-rafting in Austria
A- He didn't want to do it but then he loved it
B- He didn't like it because it was very wet and very cold
C- He was really looking forward to doing it
D- He thought it was too dangerous
In Verona Charlie rubbed Juliet's breast. Why?
A- you need to do that before entering the palace
B- it was a bet
C- he doesn't really know why
D- because it was the tradition
What does he say about Venice's historical centre?
A- it's very noisy
B- nobody lives there
C- it was sinking in the past
D- it's incredibly beautiful
Charlie knew some parts of Venice very well. Why?
A- He had been to Venice in the past?
B- He had been in Las Vegas Venice casino
C- He played a video game set in Venice
D- In his city there was a tower very similar to the one there
What did Charlie think about the views from the Eiffel Tower in Paris?
A- he loved it
B- he couldn't see anything
C- you could see the entire city
D- he saw lots of rain
In Paris he ate snails, an animal he would have never eaten at home. Why?
A- it's a traditional thing in Paris
B- in Paris they cook them differently and they taste great
C- it was a bet
D- it was part of the travel agency's forced menu
In London they went onto the London Eye and everybody started singing. What did Charlie do?
A- he started singing too
B- he didn't want to sing
C- he just thought everybody got crazy
D- he just filmed them with his video camera
Charlie thinks today's young people don't mind making mistakes. Why?
A- their slogan is "No Regrets"
B- they are too stupid to know when they make a mistake
C- they don't want to worry about the consequences
D- they don't know there are consequences
So in the end, how does Charlie feel about the European trip he made?
A- he felt the trip didn't make him grow as a person
B- too crazy, he didn't like it at all
C- he enjoyed some things a lot, but in general, he thought it wasn't nice
D- he liked it and feels happy he made it
Total number of items: 20

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