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  Put in Order
The Dinosuars came, too...
Focus Reading
Description Pomerajte reci/fraze da dobijete tekst.
Instructions Move these words/phrases around to make a correct text.
Slozite reci/fraze tako da dobijete tekst.
The last dinosaur
and made
"new" dinosaurs
He took the blood
had an idea.
died 65 million years ago,
a rich scientist, John Hammond,
but in 1993
from frozen
prehistoric mosquitoes,
with it.
the zoo security system
- Dennis Nedry -
and left the zoo.
- but the things
Nedry turned off
. One of John Hammond's scientists
wanted to sell
in a zoo
came too...
to a friend.
His idea
went wrong
But the dinosaurs
and he put the dinosaurs
some dinosaur eggs
on a tropical Hawaiian island
Total number of items: 2
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