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5 Essential Tips for an English Learner from a Native Speaker


English is an essential language in a globalized world and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon. Learning a new language is fun and when you are finally able to communicate well, it is one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. However, we also know that to learn English well is not an easy task. The multitude of irregular verbs, strange spelling and different accents all cause problems on your journey. Here we have some essential tips to help you on your way to becoming fluent.


Listen as Much as Possible

You can differentiate between English learners who speak a very monotone English and those who speak with the correct intonation by asking if they listen to native speakers. The English learned in books tends to be formal and people often don’t speak in such a way. By listening as much as possible you will be able to pick up on how speakers with different accents use different words and also the flow and intonation of sentences.


Hire a Tutor

Having a good teacher is important when it comes to learning a language. It is possible to learn by yourself, however a teacher is able to pick up on and correct your mistakes. They are also essential if you are thinking about taking any of the English proficiency tests, as they will have the knowledge of the format and requirements of the different exams. It can be expensive, even more so if you have a student loan to repay, so you could consider refinancing your student loan to leave you with extra money each month. Teachers are an investment and you will improve your language skills very quickly with a good tutor.


Allow Yourself to Make Mistakes

It’s hard, we know. However, you are just going to have to go for it and acknowledge you will make a lot of mistakes. The benefit of making mistakes is that you will become more intelligent as you learn from them and won’t make the same one next time. By avoiding saying certain words or not using certain grammatical structures for fear of error, you are limiting your potential. No one will laugh, most native speakers appreciate that you have made the effort to learn the language.


Speak at Every Opportunity

This might be difficult depending on where you live, but practice does make perfect when it comes to language learning. There are plenty of language learning apps available which will help you connect with native speakers so use that opportunity. The more you speak a language the more fluent you will become and you will also begin to perfect your speech patterns and intonation.


Think in English

This one takes patience and will also be very tiring when you first do it. Even if it is for just 10 minutes a day, try to think in English. Just taking a walk and at the same time narrating your route to yourself, describing the people and things you see to yourself will very quickly help you to improve. After time, you will find that you do it naturally and will be surprised to find yourself thinking in English in surprising situations.


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