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5 Pieces of Advice on How to Speak More Confidently


You have learned all the grammar rules, and the vocabulary is enough to write great essays. Everyone says “well done,” but you know you can do more. The highest degree of language proficiency is the ability to speak like a native speaker.

To speak more confidently, use the following five tips:

  • Imitate the pronunciation of native speakers.
  • Use slang expressions.
  • Learn idioms.
  • Practice speech in speaking clubs.
  • Get to know different language accents.


Imitate the Pronunciation of Native Speakers

To get used to the sounding of the language you learn, watch movies and listen to music. Sounds simple, right? However, there is one rule – all movies and songs you choose should be in the learned language or translated to it. 

Once you got used to the pronunciation of native speakers, you can start trying to imitate them. The best way is to sing your favorite songs because lyrics with the pronunciation always sit well in the head.


Use Slang Expressions 

The formal style of the language, which is most often studied in courses, is great but not enough. Just imagine how the formal style sounds when you speak your mother tongue — a little bit strange and falsely, isn’t it? Slang phrases make your speech more lively.   


Learn Idioms 

To speak like natives is not only about the pronunciation — it is also about the content. Idioms help to shorten long sentences to three-word phrases and convey the idea more clearly to the interlocutor.  


Practice Speech in Speaking Clubs 

How to learn to speak in silence? And how to understand that you make progress if there is no one who can tell you about your weaknesses and strengths?

Speaking clubs are perfect for those who are searching for a method to overcome the famous language barrier. Of course, it is better to find clubs where you can communicate with native speakers, but courses with experienced teachers are also appropriate. 

Speaking club gives you a possibility to talk about various themes, from the beauty industry standards to the eco-friendliness activity in Europe. So, be sure that besides the emancipation of the spoken language, you will replenish your vocabulary. In addition, it is a great possibility to find new friends from different countries when it comes to international speaking clubs.   

If you cannot afford a high-class speaking club with natives, use the Payday Depot service because it is not a good idea to skimp on your education.   


Get to Know Different Language Accents 

A lot of languages are spoken in different countries. So, in fact, one language has various sub-languages. Some of them are very similar, but some can be even considered different languages. What else could be said about different countries with the same language if it is possible to find completely different soundings of one language in one country but in various regions?

Listen to different accents and explore the peculiarities of regions to define what language sounding you like the most.


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