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6 Useful And Effective Fundraising Ideas


Whether you are looking to raise funds for a personal cause, for a new building, or to donate capital to a social cause, fundraising comes in many forms and not all of them have to be boring. If you are looking to raise funds, here are some fun ideas that are sure to grow your capital.


1.  Selling Custom Shirts

Making a custom shirt is easy and you can even do it at home. You can do this on a new plain T-shirt or you can do it on shirts you already own. For a fundraiser, you can buy shirts in bulk, which will be even cheaper, and some places even make the custom shirts right there in front of the customers.


2.  Bake Sales

Bake sales are a great compliment to a sporting event, a movie night, or any other kind of get-together at schools. Everyone can bake a little something at home and you can all bring it to school to sell it to friends and visitors. You can price things as you like as it is all going to charity anyway.


3.  Fun Runs

If you are having a sporting event at school, why not make it a little more competitive by adding a price to each run. In a basic school fun run people will run laps or lengths, and each run is worth a certain amount. The more runs you can do, the more money you can raise. You could also apply this to relay races, sprints, or longer marathons.


4.  Activity Workshop

If you are trying to raise capital for a certain problem such as obesity, why not pair that with a wellness workshop? You can have group workout sessions and everyone can buy a ticket to be a part of it. This way you can raise money through the tickets and raise funds. Plus it’s a lot more entertaining for the participants than sitting through a talk about weight loss and health.


5.  Carwash

Most people are probably coming to school in a private car now that public transport is far less popular with the ongoing pandemic. You can have a car wash fundraiser out in the parking lot where all the students get together and wash the cars. Plus, since cars are there every day, you could have this rather frequently. Every Friday afternoon could be a car wash day.


6.  Charity Sports

If you have some room at school where you can host a match this is a great way to raise capital. This could be school teams playing each other or the local team playing at the school. All the money collected from the tickets can be donated to a charity or used for fundraising. Any sports can be played, if you are limited on space, consider indoor sports.



Also, you could have a donation option with all these ideas. For people who want to give a bit more than just what the ticket is worth or what the car wash is worth, they can donate additional money to the donation box. This is a great way to maximize your earnings. There might be some people who don't want to visit the event or get their car washed but they would still like to contribute and they can do this through the donation box.


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