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AdHacking Rehearsal: Pentest for Security


It becomes almost unrealistic to imagine people's lives without mobile applications and constant information updates. According to statistics, Android users all over the world spend more than 4 hours a day on their devices. But mobile apps need security just as much as 'full-fledged' desktop or web ones. To understand if your device is protected, it needs to be tested for strength. To put it simply, it is necessary to try to hack it. Merely in the case of Android pentesting, hacking is completely under control, and a successful attempt is not in danger.


Why Attack a Smartphone?

Cybercriminals hack devices to affect performance or execute illegitimate commands. A mobile phone knows literally everything about a person who owns and uses it. It stores a lot of information: credentials, location history, images, videos, voice samples, notes, and more. In addition to gathering confidential information, a cracker can place viruses or cryptocurrency miners, develop attacks on the company's internal network, and steal money.


Are Mobile Apps Secure?

Unfortunately, not completely. According to the analysis of NowSecure company, difficulties with information storage and data transfer appear already in the process of application development. About 1,133 applications contain source code bottlenecks. Among the leaders of mobile apps in terms of installations, 94% contain at least three vulnerabilities, and 77% have at least two.


What Does the Client Get?

In the report, the customer sees a list of vulnerabilities and all the steps that led to their detection. The client can also get more specific advice from experienced specialists to eliminate the security gap. You can also learn about an effective protection system that will detect dangerous attacks and quickly make decisions on their processing.

Ensuring the safety of information, transmitting data over the network, and accounting for hidden functionality often cause difficulties for an average person. With the advice of Hacken experts, users can prevent potential risks by keeping apps and mobile devices running safely.



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