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How a Student Starts a Business


The studentship is not only the spring of life but also the period when ambitions grow but do not find satisfaction. We want to live not just better, but second to none, and this is a fact. The dreams of youth, however, are destined to come true only if you approach them with a share of common sense and small business ideas.

The desire of a power-hungry college student can be a beautiful life or their own business, this is not surprising.

There's a misconception that it is too early for a student to think about business or start it. It seems that he has practically no opportunities. In reality, it is even easier to open a business in his student years: there is no family and children, there is support from relatives and proper social media management.


How not to be slothful?

One of the main obstacles on the way of a young man to his job is laziness. The first thing to do is to find a job, for example, to become an author of term papers. Or immediately start local businesses in the chosen field if it does not require serious investments.

Statistics show that only 5% of young people who dream of starting a small business achieve the goal. The reason is obvious. This 5 % are the ones who do their best to implement their plans. The remaining dreamers are slow, constantly find excuses, and continue to fantasize until retirement about the magic pill and winning the lottery.

To be productive, it is enough to think with real indicators. Do not build castles in the air. Yes, you must have a promising goal that at a particular point in time will seem unattainable. But there must also be a real plan that can be translated into reality in stages here and now. A plan and a knowledge are a key thing in any serious business.


How to create a plan?

Let's say you want to become the owner of a concrete plan. But with the mere thought of the amount of investment in such a project, you start a migraine and an eating disorder. What to do? For the record, you should choose something less ambitious as your goal.

Some entrepreneurial people began their journey in the concrete business with intermediary operations. To become an intermediary, you need lots of money.

Do you plug your ears at the mere mention of small goals? Think about what is better to have in a few years: a working business or the same rainbow dream? Choose the proper one to make money.

So, the first plan will be realistic. In it, you achieve some minimum to move on. It is not necessary to open the first business in that niche that seems attractive to you today, but the business shouldn't cause a gag reflex.

When a simple and feasible goal is defined, it remains to break it down into stages and outline specific actions by the days of the week. Performing them, you are approaching a dream. An airy dream, which is spinning, is becoming more and more attainable every day.

Ask yourself questions:

  • What can you bring to the table?
  • am I ready for the wind of changes?
  • what are you interested in?

It is also worth clarifying whether what you are ready to offer is in demand. Somewhere at the junction of the four answers, you can find the thing of your dreams.

If it seems to a college student that he knows nothing, then he is too self-critical and can always master something from scratch.

To learn new things, do not spend years. For example, in specialized courses, training can take from a month to six months. Practice should be given close attention because theory will help little without skills.

In general, commerce requires the purity of the genre. You may not be able to but masterfully organize other people. The business idea is a great skill that you can acquire. He is highly regarded and always brings returns.


What to do with the plan?

What needs to be done with the plan to achieve the desired result and to earn money? This may surprise you, but it needs to be done point by step. In life, everything is more complicated: we all make plans, but the same thing happens to them as with the New Year lists. They are safely sent to a pile of creative trash. If the plan is not followed, then the dream does not come nearer, this is logical.

So, reconcile: you will have to fulfill the plan, this is a bitter fact. Making the list itself is a pleasant and relaxing activity, but if planning without action yielded results, we would all be oligarchs or tycoons. You have to control yourself, and then much will become achievable to be successful.


Friends of a novice entrepreneur

When opening your own business, you need to know in the face of your enemies and friends. Entrepreneur friends will save time and money, as well as other good habits. It is difficult to advance far in the early stages without saving money. You may have to refuse drinking beer with friends, being loaded, and other joys of life. But self-education should not be avoided, this is a very important thing. It opens up new horizons for the entrepreneur.

The young man has more time because, in addition to studying and working, he is not particularly busy with anything. In any case, he has the right to make a mistake and, if desired, will always find at least an extra hour.

How to save correctly? For some, this is a whole science, although the process itself is relatively simple.


Written by Michael Lowes

Author Info

This article was written by online business consultant Michael Lowes. He is the creator of many successful startups. He provides business lectures for students on the platform PapersOwl. Michael has developed many lessons on how to start a business without investment, to distinguish a brilliant idea from a failed one, and how to draw up the right business plan and analytical forecast.

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