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How to Become a Great ESOL Teacher


The demand for ESOL courses has been increasing rapidly. However, the industry lacks enough qualified ESOL teachers to meet this growing demand. If you are searching for the perfect career path, teaching ESOL might be an exciting option providing you with fulfilling work, travel opportunities, and a skill set in high demand worldwide.

ESOL teachers teach speakers of other languages fundamental English language skills to improve communication. They focus on reading, vocabulary, writing, grammar, and punctuation. As an ESOL teacher, you will also teach students vital listening skills.

However, becoming an ordinary ESOL Teacher isn't enough. It would be best if you always strive to be the best at what you do. Luckily, you don't have to do so much to become a great teacher. Let's dive right in.


Teaching ESOL Overview

ESOL is short for English for Speakers of Other Languages. ESOL teachers have the skills and expertise to teach speakers of other languages formal vocabulary, reading, grammar, listening, and written English. These teachers also give their students the confidence to use English in their communication, jobs, and communities.

With the globalization of the English language, the demand for ESOL teachers is at an all-time high. The massive immigrant influx into the country has also led to an increased demand for ESOL educators.

George Washington University conducted a study called Face the Facts USA. According to this study, one ESOL teacher is expected to handle 150 students in the United States. This shows that the demand for ESOL educators will continue increasing over the years. As a qualified educator, you will be teaching ESOL online, in community colleges, and in community programs.


Tips for Becoming a Great ESOL Teacher

You will be glad to know that becoming an outstanding ESOL educator is not difficult. All you need is the will to succeed. Read on to discover how to become a successful ESOL teacher.

1. Be Passionate About ESOL

As is the case with any life venture, you have to be passionate to become a great ESOL teacher. Passion makes it easy to excel in any field regardless of the challenges. It allows you to overcome adverse situations by focusing on the positives.

Your students will also absorb your passion. This makes them eager and inspired to learn English. A passionate ESOL educator encourages students to go the extra mile. When you are passionate, you are likely to succeed wherever you go. If you are teaching ESOL online, you need passion to stay disciplined. This makes it easy to stay committed to your work.

2. Flexibility is Key

If you are not teaching ESOL online or in your country, you might have to travel to a new country. Adopting a foreign culture can be a huge ask. That is why you need to be flexible.

Flexibility enables you to fit in and adapt to new customs quickly. It also allows you to learn about different cultures. This is an excellent opportunity for those who seek adventure and travel. Even if you are teaching ESOL online, you still need to be adaptable to various situations. For instance, you could find ways to attend all your classes as you travel the world. This can also provide you with service opportunities in foreign countries for a very fulfilling career path.

3. Stay Committed

The success of any project you take on depends on your level of commitment. Teaching ESOL is no different. Committed ESOL instructors strive to help their students achieve their potential. Such teachers always find ways to teach their students even when the situation is challenging. These are the kind of teachers everyone loves. The students are always eager to attend their classes. Usually, other instructors ask them for advice.

4. Loosen Up

Most teachers think that being uptight and sensitive is essential. However, students feel more eager to learn from you when you loosen up. Whether you are teaching ESOL online or in another country, you should always strive to create a cordial relationship with your students.

Don't be afraid to introduce any topics in class. Always speak your mind out, and your students will appreciate you for that. Remember that your ESOL classroom is a channel to make foreign-language speakers confident when using English to communicate. Encourage your students to ask questions in class.

5. Always be Presentable

Although it should be a no-brainer, the reality is most teachers don't make an effort to be presentable. Yet, your appearance affects students' performance in many ways. When you are presentable, your ESOL students are likely to perform better.

Always wear the right shoes, maintain your hair, and iron your clothes to be presentable. It would be best if you also strive to shower and smell good before your ESOL class. Even if you are teaching ESOL online, you still need to look presentable and professional.

6. Care For Yourself

Self-care is critical in this demanding career path. So, always take time to relax and unwind. Listening to music, gardening, or discovering new hobbies might help. You can also try yoga if you are up for the challenge. Above all, remember to stay in touch with your family and supportive friends. This is a critical step to being a healthy human being, in general.

Don't forget to exercise and eat healthily. It would be best if you also give yourself enough sleep each day to overcome fatigue and anxiety.

7. Reflecting Will Make the Difference

The difference between ordinary and successful ESOL teachers is reflecting. Successful teachers always reflect and ask for feedback. This also happens even after a great lesson.

On the contrary, ordinary teachers do not care to reflect after their classes. Reflecting allows you to figure out your strengths and weaknesses. This way, you can correct your deficiencies and enhance your strengths.

8. Be Creative

Let's face it, we all dread boring and plain lessons. You shouldn't put your students through the same pain. Always strive to make your ESOL classes as fun as possible.

Students will be eager to attend your classes if you are fun and engaging. Always come up with creative teaching methods to keep your class actively engaged, even when teaching complicated topics.

9. Keep Learning

Even if you are good at what you do, it is wise to enhance your skills further. The best way of doing that is by learning new things. For instance, learning a new second language can challenge you and make you more empathetic. It will also help you settle into a new culture quickly.

An ESOL career path is well-paying and enables you to travel the world. You will also have the chance to teach English to foreign language speakers. Even so, you should strive to be the best at what you do. The tips above will prepare you for a successful ESOL career.



Written by Taylor Haskings

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