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Mobile Scanning Made Simple for students: How to Scan to PDF on Your iPhone


 Students often need to scan documents. Transforming physical documents into digital formats directly from your iPhone has never been easier. We have summarized the most efficient methods for scanning documents to PDF, employing various applications tailored for iOS. Continue reading for detailed insights and practical steps to enhance your document management skills.


Part 1. How to Scan to PDF on iPhone/iPad and Then Edit/Annotate/Fill/Sign It

Scanning documents to PDF on your iPhone or iPad is seamless with UPDF for iPhone and iPad. This app provides a convenient way to scan multiple images and paper documents to PDFs. Additionally, it not only allows you to scan but also to edit, annotate, fill, and sign your PDFs. With its intuitive interface, UPDF transforms your mobile device into a powerful document management tool.

Scanning and editing documents on your iPhone or iPad is straightforward with UPDF, offering two convenient methods:

Method 1: Select from Photos App

  1. Open UPDF and tap the + symbol at the bottom right.
  2. Choose the "Scan" option and select the Photos app icon.
  3. Pick images from your Photos or Albums, tapping 'Add' to import.
  4. Adjust the scan by rotating, cropping, adding filters, or deleting. Add more scans if needed.
  5. Tap the number icon indicating active scans to save, then click the Download icon to transfer files to UPDF.


Method 2: Take Photos Directly

  1. Tap the + symbol in UPDF to access the Import menu and select 'Scan'.
  2. For auto-recognition, activate "Auto-capture"; for manual control, switch to "Manual".
  3. Capture the document. You can crop, rotate, add filters, or delete scans. Reorder multiple scans if required.

  1. To save, click the Download icon, adding the files to UPDF.

Advantages of UPDF:

UPDF supports scanning multiple pictures simultaneously, converting them efficiently into PDFs. These scanned PDFs can be transformed into editable documents, facilitating easy updates and modifications.

Disadvantages of UPDF:

To make the scanned PDF editable, you have to switch to the desktop version of UPDF.


Part 2. How to Scan to PDF on iPhone/iPad with Scanner App

Scanner App offers a robust solution for converting physical documents into PDFs directly from your iPhone or iPad. It features advanced scanning technology that ensures high-quality PDF outputs, with options for color adjustment, automatic border detection, and quick sharing capabilities, streamlining the digitization process.

Using Scanner App to convert documents into PDFs on your iPhone or iPad is a simple process:

  1. Open the App: Launch Scanner App and tap the + icon to start a new scan.
  2. Capture the Document: Position your document within the frame. The app detects the document edges automatically and will begin counting down before taking the scan. Do this until all your documents have been scanned then press “Done.”
  3. Adjust Settings: Modify the settings to enhance readability as needed.
  4. Save and Share: Once satisfied, save the scan as a PDF. You can immediately share it via email or upload it to cloud storage directly from the app, ensuring your document is accessible.


Scanner App has a user-friendly interface, making it easy to learn and use. It automatically captures documents, significantly speeding up the scanning process. Another note, it offers a variety of tools for enhancing scan quality and customization, which helps tailor the output to user needs.


A drawback is accessing its full range of features often requires downloading additional apps, complicating the user experience and increasing the demand on device storage.


Part 3. How to Scan to PDF on iPhone with the Note App

The Notes App on the iPhone is a simple tool for jotting down ideas, creating lists, and storing information. Integrated deeply with iOS, it supports features like sketching, adding images, and scanning documents directly into notes, making it an essential app for both personal and professional organization.


To scan a PDF using the Notes App on any iOS device:

  1. Start in Notes: Open the app and either create a new one or select an existing note.
  2. Initiate Scan: Tap the camera button, then choose 'Scan Documents'.
  3. Capture the Document: Position the document within the camera's view. If in Auto mode, the app will automatically scan the document. For manual scanning, press the shutter or a volume button.
  4. Adjust the Scan: Fine-tune the capture by dragging the corners to fit the page perfectly, then select 'Keep Scan'.
  5. Finalize: Tap 'Save' to store the scan or continue adding more scans to the document.



The Notes App is free and comes pre-installed on all iOS devices, offering immediate convenience without the need for additional downloads. It provides a straightforward method for scanning documents directly into a digital format, seamlessly integrating with other iOS features for easy access and organization.



A significant limitation is that the PDFs created through the Notes App are not editable, nor are they searchable files. This can affect productivity for users who need to modify or extensively navigate their documents, reducing the app's utility for more complex document management tasks.


Part 4. FAQs About Scanning PDF iPhone


Q1. How do I convert a scanned document to PDF?

After scanning your document using a mobile scanning app, select the option to export or save the scan. Choose 'PDF' as the file format. This will convert your scanned document into a PDF, which you can then save, share, or further edit as needed.Alternatively, if you are using UPDF to scan documents to PDF, it can automatically saved the scanned document as a PDF.


Q2. How do I convert a photo to PDF on iPhone?

With UPDF on your iPhone, open the app and tap the '+' icon. Select 'Scan' and then choose the photo you wish to convert from your gallery. Once added, finalize any edits or adjustments and then click the top right arrow to save as PDF directly into UPDF.



We've covered several effective methods for scanning documents to PDF on your iPhone. The Scanner App and the Notes App offer effective scanning features. For those seeking additional editing capabilities, UPDF offers a comprehensive suite of tools to refine and manage your PDFs after scanning. Consider exploring these features to further enhance your document handling efficiency.


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