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Setting Your Teen Up for Success



The teen years are challenging for many young people, and they are also some of the last years many live at home. If you are concerned your child is not yet ready for the real world, there are a few ways you can help them prepare while they are still in your home.


Help Them Get Ready for College

Depending on what your teen wants to do when they are an adult, they may benefit from a college degree. If they are thinking about college, you may want to start the preparation process now. You could consider having them take advanced classes in high school, volunteer, or take part in extracurriculars that can enhance their transcripts. You'll also want to spend some time thinking about how your child will pay for their education. You could encourage them to set aside a certain portion of their income if they receive an allowance or work a summer job. If you want to help them out yourself, you may want to look into Private Parent Loans. Helping your child pay for their education allows them to graduate with less debt and be more successful once they are on their own.


Teach Strong Writing Skills

With electronics becoming more common, kids are less comfortable putting their plans into words. While they may have done academic writing for school, they may encounter situations in the real world where they need to use skills other than academic writing. They may need to create a resume or do a review for work. Encouraging them to write outside of school is one to help them prepare.


Learning about Money

Your child will soon be responsible for more than just the funds they receive from a summer job. If they don’t know how to manage their funds, they may run into trouble once they have entered the real world. If they do not know how to manage money, they can be in big financial trouble when they are older. Now is a great time to help them plan their money matters. Give them some financial responsibilities. You may put them in charge of the household grocery budget a few weeks. Encourage them to plan the budget so you get healthy meals without overspending. Your teen can learn about debit and credit cards in the process, as well as common scams tied to their use. Assign them some reading material on common scams so they know what to watch out for. If your teen has some income, you may encourage them to invest a certain portion.


Teaching Discipline

In the real world, adults need to meet deadlines and get up on time each morning. Your teen should be prepared to work hard and be on time, even if they are feeling tired. It's a good idea to set deadlines for work to be completed around the home. You can include study hours, chores, and projects in their routine. If they are too tired in the morning, have them go to bed earlier so they can get more rest.


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