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Summer camps in Switzerland



Summer camps in Switzerland

Summer camps in Switzerland are very popular among foreigners and elementary school students. In general, summer schools abroad are popular programs tailored to the age of children and their desire to relax, so that education takes place in the context of entertainment and recreation in various courses and recreation centers - and in this respect, Switzerland has something to surprise!

Summer language schools and academic camps in Switzerland deserve special attention: they will allow students to spend quality time abroad, improve their language skills and enhance their subject knowledge.


About the camps in Switzerland

In multilingual Switzerland, you can learn English, German, French and Spanish in children's camps. Some camps offer courses in both languages. Which languages an educational institution teaches depends very much on its location. Thus, camps located in the French-speaking cantons of Switzerland offer French and English studies; those located in the "German-speaking part" - German and English. This is no coincidence: after all, in addition to learning directly in the classroom, children should have the opportunity to practice the language in natural conditions - walking in the city, hiking, etc. Expect a question about English, and let's say it right away: almost all Swiss people speak English.

The intensity of courses at Swiss language camps varies from 5 to 25 hours per week in a foreign language. High school students can also take additional courses in specialized subjects (target language) - almost all of the children's holiday courses are held on the basis of private Swiss boarding schools, so professional teachers with excellent teaching experience will teach the children mathematics or physics.

Foreign lessons usually take place in the morning. Next, the children begin a leisure program. There is a lot to do here! During the winter break in Switzerland, children can participate in all winter sports, especially skiing and snowboarding. In some camps, up to 6 hours a day are spent on the slopes! Schoolchildren are supervised by professional instructors who can even help beginners learn how to ride a bike.

Summer camps in Switzerland offer mountain hiking and orienteering, glacier walks, swimming in the cleanest lakes, learning to play golf and many traditional sports  - tennis, soccer, volleyball, cycling, etc. Switzerland will give you the opportunity to combine the charms of winter and summer camps. At this time of year, when many ski resorts are still working, the foothills are warm enough to spend time in the fresh air.


The learning process at language camps in Switzerland

 Typically, summer camps in Switzerland offer a comprehensive program that includes sporting events, cultural courses, language courses and improved knowledge of selected subjects. Upon graduation, students are tested and receive a prestigious certificate. This form of education is in high demand among students and those planning to study abroad, as it makes it easy to adapt to a new environment and improve their language skills.

Language courses are awaiting students in a wide range of fields.

  • Standard English courses
  • English: Parents + Children
  • German + Activities
  • German + sports
  • French courses and winter vacations
  • Learning a language for academic purposes
  • English + winter break
  • Preparation for Study Abroad
  • Language exam preparation


Academic camps in Switzerland

Of course, it is especially important for many parents to spend quality time with their children and to improve their foreign language skills effectively. Swiss summer schools operate according to modern methods and have extensive experience in teaching foreign languages: at summer language schools, children are taught by experienced teachers who work at leading Swiss schools, colleges and universities and have extensive experience in teaching foreign languages. The teachers adhere to the highest modern educational standards. The individual learning method is recognized by the entire world community as a very effective way of educating children - as part of the summer camp vacation program, it is achieved by forming small groups of up to 15 people. Following the principle of individualized learning, teachers do not lose attention and support to even the most shy students, who will help to adapt to the new language environment.

 Another task for educators is to adapt the curriculum to the needs of each student, paying attention to existing knowledge gaps and trying to provide as much information as possible. Group lessons are built in an interactive format, using a variety of materials that reflect life spoken. The focus is on communication skills, but in the classroom students also hone other basic skills: reading, writing, listening and grammar. Other features of the language program.

  • Emphasis on communication skills
  • Grouping of students, taking into account education level and age
  • Introductory tests at the beginning of the course and ongoing validation tests to track results
  • An interactive environment where learning a language is not boring at all and is very exciting and therefore effective.


Swiss camps Program Fees

The cost of a trip to a language camp in Switzerland is CHF 1500 to 4000 per week. The specified amount includes foreign language education, accommodation, full board and entertainment program. The cost is affected by the number of language courses (intensive and academic courses are more expensive than standard courses) as well as the number of excursions and sports programs. For example, ski-focused winter camps are more expensive than summer camps.


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