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Why You Need to Create a Moodboard to Visualize Your Dreams


Moodboard or Inspiration Board is a collection of pictures, photos, and fragments of which you can make up a collage for inspiration. This is a great way to express the idea that you want to translate through images and pictures. Designers, architectural firms, photographers, editors, and simply those who are interested in visualizing their desires actively use moodboards for this.

No matter how complex and long-term your desires are, try to visualize your future using a moodboard - a board of desires, visualizations, or moods. You will be pleasantly surprised because the result will not be long in coming. Follow these simple tips, use moodboard template and you can create your own personal moodboard effortlessly.


What is a visualization board and why is it needed?

Let's start with the fact that the visualization board, or moodboard, is one of the popular techniques for fulfilling desires. It usually consists of pictures, photographs, stickers, and quotes that convey your condition and reflect your wishes. Initially, moodboards were used exclusively by designers, photographers, illustrators to communicate with clients: people in these professions relied on visualization as a convenient way to express an idea.

But scientists at the Technical University of Eindhoven in the Netherlands have proven that visualization isn't just for those in the creative industry. A moodboard can be about your overall lifestyle, plans for the month, season, year, or narrower areas. For example, personal life or work, style, family, relaxation, beauty, and health - everything can become part of a collage.

For example, you decide to learn a new foreign language and memorize 10 new words every day. But after a couple of days, you find excuses or just forget about the goal. Unfortunately, many of us face this problem. In such cases, the moodboard helps you stay focused on goals, even when the motivation starts to leave you. This is a kind of force of attraction of what you want into your life, as well as an effective source of inspiration.


How to start creating a moodboard?

At the stage of preparation for creating a visualization board, any method of collecting information will work. You can go for a walk, go to the theater or cinema, revise old magazines or re-read your favorite book, search for pictures on the Internet, listen to classical music, or just watch passers-by while sitting in a cozy cafe. Just imagine how much beauty you can learn from everyday life! The main thing is to tune in the right way.

Social Science Ph.D. Frank Niels, in How to Use Visualization to Achieve Goals, says that success starts with setting a goal and visualizing the outcome. After all, if you see the result, then there is an opportunity to achieve it. From the point of view of psychology, this technique works as follows: the neural cells of the brain, which process and transmit information, interpret the image or picture as reality. The brain, in turn, sends a signal to neurons and makes them act in accordance with visualization. Thus, creativity is activated and inspiration appears.


Ways to create a visualization board

There are many ways to create a moodboard. The first and easiest one is to use photo hosting sites like Pinterest. The service makes it possible to find hundreds of quotes and pictures in a matter of minutes that will complement your moodboard. In addition, the number of pictures and boards is not limited.

Thanks to this feature, you can simultaneously visualize several unrelated ideas and wishes: change your diet for six months, plan and create aesthetics for a birthday celebration, dream of career growth next year. The mechanism of the site Pinterest works in such a way that images corresponding to your requests and interests will appear in the feed, and the amount of time spent on visualizing a particular desire will be minimal.

The second way is to create canvases in Photoshop or on Crello. In this case, you will have to spend effort searching for pictures. Having picked up images and inscriptions of the desired theme, you can decorate the mood board either in any order or according to existing templates. The advantage of having separate canvases in Photoshop, Crello is that you can save the moodboard to your desktop, send it in a message or email, print it, and hang it on the wall.

And those who are not looking for easy ways and want to test their creative potential can create a mood board from clippings and photographs. To do this, you will need to buy a corkboard or Whatman paper and get hold of old magazines and brochures.

Decide on the topic and make as many clippings as possible so that it is easier for you to combine them with each other. Don't stop on collage. Get creative: add ribbons, sequins or stickers, dried flowers, and whatever your desire. A hand-crafted mood board is not only a planning tool but also an unusual piece of furniture.


How to make the most effective render board?

  1. Pick one central theme and focus on it as much as possible.
  2. Remember that the word "mood" is key when creating a board, so be as creative as possible. There are no restrictions. Want to eat sweets while dieting? Download pictures of vegan desserts, paste them on the board and try to spend more time preparing healthy meals.
  3. The moodboard is your main assistant. Use it to the fullest. If you are planning to develop your blog on Instagram or on the basis of any other platform, do not just indicate the color palette of your profile, but also create a complete style for your brand. Fonts, textures, amount of content, and frequency of publications. The more detailed your board, the better.
  4. You may feel that some pictures, colors, or ideas contrast with each other. Keep experimenting and you will discover the beauty of combining the incongruous.
  5. To focus on your goal, hang the mood board in a prominent place or put it on the screensaver on your phone or computer.

Oprah Winfrey said: “You will receive from life only what you ask. Don't be afraid, set the highest goals." Dream and manage your mood with the board. Be involved from the very beginning of the preparation phase, and you will notice how every day you get closer to your goal, and inspiration and creativity become an integral part of your life.


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