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Present Perfect Tense 1 (English with Sound &…) (US & foreign)

Present Perfect Tense video.

Here the will show you the form and how to use it to talk about recent past (things that happened a moment ago). Read the explanations before watching the video.

You can see the second part here:

Present Perfect 2.

REGULAR VERBS (past tense= + -ed)
The ending -ed sounds /t/ or /d/
park --> parked /pɑ:kt/
But it sounds /ɪd/ when the verb already ends in /t/ or /d/
want --> wanted /wɒntɪd/
decide --> decided /dɪsd/


They have a different form for the past or/and past perfect
leave --> left, left
steal --> stole, stolen

Before trying to work with the video you need to check the meaning of these verbs:


borrow, brush, destroy, drop, fold, introduce, invite, open, order, park, roll, staple, sneeze, vote.


do / did / done
break / broke / broken
buy / bought / bought
feed / fed / fed
hide / hid / hidden
leave / left / left
lend / lent / lent
light / lit / lit
lose / lost / lost
sell / sold / sold
spread / spread / spread
take / took / taken
tear / tore / torn

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