booking a room in a hotel (That's English)
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Booking a room at a hotel.

(they start speaking Spanish but in half a minute the English conversation starts)


- Hello!
- Good mornig, sir
- We’ve got a reservation
- What’s your name, please?
- Collins
- I’m sorry we haven't got a reservation for C.
- Excuse me. Have you got a room for 2, please?
- How many nights?
- It’s just for the weekend
- Double room for the weekend?
- No, we haven’t. No I’m sorry sir, we haven’t got any double rooms
- Hello, Have you got a single room, please?
- Yes, we have. We’got a single room. How many nights madam?
- Just 2 nights, please. How much is it?
- It’s 60 pounds a night, madam. That’s with breakfast.
- Thank you. That’s fine.
- Fiona!
- What’s your name, please?
- My name is Fiona Collins.
- Fiona, please! Excuse me. Have you got a single room, please?
- I’m sorry, sir. We haven’t got any vacancies.
- Fiona. Please. Is there a hotel near here?
- There's one in King's Street, sir.
- How do I get to King's Street, please.
- Turn left, go straight ahead at the traffic lights and it's on the right.
- Thank you.
- Room 211.