Da Vinci Code decoded 1/2
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Attacking Christianity has become the new hobby in the West for many people, so much that they are ready to believe anything said or written against the Church or Jesus. The craziest point was reached when Dan Brown published his worldwide best-seller "Da Vinci Code". He wrote a novel, a fiction book where he used historical and invented data at will to compose an intriguing story.

Thousands of people everywhere, forgetting that it was simply a novel, considered every word he said to be the Truth, so solid that they were ready to send two thousands of tradition and most modern research down the drain for the only reason that Dan Brown said so. Just an invented story from somebody nobody new before and they all believe every one of his words without questioning where those ideas have come from. Are we all getting crazy?

The two videos presented here try to throw some light about the two most important lies contained in the novel, this time using the data modern researches offer us:

Video 1- The Bible is not an invention by Emperor Constantine.
Video 2- Jesus was considered the Son of God from the very beginning.