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GRAMMAR LESSONS + vocabulary, etc. GRAMMAR etc.

Verb + Verb patterns Level: Medium When a verb is followed by another verb, we have different patters: verb + go / v + to go / v + going / v + me + to go, etc.
Basic Sentence Structure: normal vs special verbs Level: Basic To know how to make a sentence in English you need to know the difference between normal & special verbs: which ones they are, how to use them
How to express sequence of time Level: Easy How to express the order of events, when an action happens first, second or at the same time than another or other events
How to express purpose Level: Medium The different ways to express purpose in English in different constructions
How to compare things Level: Easy All about comparative and superlative forms and sentences
Conditional sentences Level: Medium Learn how to express conditions in English depending on the situation
How to give more information about a word (relative connectors) Level: Medium When we need to give more information about a word, we use relative clauses. A relative clause is functioning like an adjective
How to express contrast Level: Medium Different ways of expressing contrast in English with different kinds of connectors and prepositions
How to express result Level: Easy Different ways of expressing result, and the relationship between result and reason.
How to express reason Level: Easy Different ways of expressing reason in English, in a formal and informal style.
Correlative Connectors Level: Easy Some sentences use two connectors for emphasis. We call these double connectors "correlative connectors"
The compound sentence: connectors Level: Easy There are three ways of expressing a complex idea. We can use conjunctions, free connectors or even prepositions
Question Tags Level: Easy Question tags: what they are, how to form them and when to use them.
Question Tags: special cases Level: Medium Question tags: special cases when they are formed in different and unexpected way.
DURING vs FOR Level: Easy The difference between DURING and FOR to talk about time
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