America's Funniest Home Videos: Sports
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Home videos from an episode of the TV show  "America's Funniest Home Videos". About winter sports.


That’s little Bob. He’s trying to break his old record for getting down the hill.
He’s done it!

Even on vacation, Sally’s mind is still on her job at the dry cleaner’s.


The retail shop at this ski hill is very strict. You got to return your gear by six, whether you’re done with it or not.

Oh, it’s a nice house, but the real estate agent neglected to mention the whizzing view.

On the slopes, Becky likes to play it safe. She takes the chair lift to the top... and the T-bar to the bottom.

All you really need to enjoy a day of tobogganing is a good friend, some winter clothes, and a snorkel.


TO BREAK A RECORD= To improve a record. A record is the maximum score you got in a competition.

FOR GETTING= We use –ING here because after prepositions and conjunctions we always use the verb in the –ing form.

HE’S DONE IT= He succeeded.

VACATION (AmE)= Holidays (BrE).

THE DRY CLEANER’S= A shop where you can take your fine clothes to get cleaned without water, so they are not spoiled or ruined.

RETAIL SHOP= Retail is the sale of goods individually or in small quantities to the public, and a retail shop is just a shop selling things (any kind of things) to the public. In this case they refer to the shop in a ski resort where you can hire your ski equipment.

GEAR= /gɪə*/ Clothing and accessories. So the ski gear is all the equipment you need to ski (sticks, boots, suit, ski boards, sunglasses, etc.)

WHETHER= We use this conjunction to show there is no alternative (it is yes or yes). We can always add “...or not” right after this conjunction or at the end of the sentence:
- You will eat this whether you like it or not = You will eat this whether or not you like it

THE REAL ESTATE AGENT= A person selling other people’s houses. The office where people go is called “real estate agency” or “real estate agent’s”. It is more common to leave “real” out and simply say: the estate agent and the estate agent’s.

NEGLECT= To pay little or no attention (or care) to something. If you neglect to do something, you don’t do it (because you forgot or because you don’t care).

WHIZZING= To whiz is to make a hissing sound as of an object going fast through air. Informally, whiz is also to move very fast.

SLOPE= A hill, a surface going up or down (not flat).

SHE LIKES TO PLAY IT SAFE= She is usually very careful.

THE CHAIR LIFT= It is like a lift/elevator in the shape of a chair suspended on a cable. Skiers use it to go up the slope.

T-BAR= A metal bar in the shape of a T. It is the same as the chair lift but with no chair, just an inverted T where you can sit.

TOBOGGANING= The activity which consists of sliding down the slope on a kind of sleigh (see sleigh), with no animals (see toboggan ).

SNORKEL= A pipe to breathe under water (see picture).