Giving directions - a joke
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Read the instructions and then watch this video and try to understand some of the things they say.



- Hi
- Do you know where the post office is?
- Uhm, The one at Elkinston or the one at Churchiston?
- Elkinson. That's it.
- Elkinson.
- Yeah, yeah, Elkinson, yeah.
- Well, I think it's just down here...
- Down over there.
- Yeah, yeah, go to the end of this road
- Yeah
- Take first left
- First left, yeah
- At the end of the road, and then your first right after that, and then the post office should be... Hang on a minute.
- What?
- Ain't this the wrong way round?
- What?
- Don't people in cars usually ask directions?
- Oh, yeah, yeah, I'm gonna be the... Oh yes...
- Should we...?
- Yes, OK.

- Ok. Do you know where the post office is?
- Uhm, yeah, it's just down here, at the end of the road, turn left, your first right after that and then...
- Yeah
- Yeah, just, ehm... it's on your left
- I'll probably end up asking someone down the street anyway, 'cause I always forget, ok.
- ++++
- thank you very much.
- Good luck.
- Yeah, Cheers, thanks, thanks a lot.
- See you later.

Colloquial English:
- Ain't = Isn't
- Gonna = Going to
- 'Cause = Because
- Cheers = Thanks
- See you later = Goodbye