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  Can you help me?   Multimedia-English Coat of Arms
  Keep Calm and Repeat Please   It's raining cats and dogs
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Multimedia-English key ring   English Inside   Whatsapp?   Kids' T-shirt
Multimedia-English logo (key ring)   English Inside (man's T-shirt)   Whatsapp? (fridge magnet)   I love M-E (Kids' T-shirt)
  English, Babe   Languages Make Friends - postcard   Women's Keep Calm tank top   Fun animals clipboard
English, Babe (T-shirt)   Languages make friends (postcard)   Keep Calm (T-shirt)   Fun Animals (clipboard)
Fun animals ladies' T-shirt   Multimedia-Coat of Arms badge   Cushion   M-E Coat of Arms
Fun animals (sweatshirt)   M-E Coat of Arms (pin)   Fun Animals (cushion)   Coat of Arms (T-shirt)
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Animal Fun

Languages make friends   Can you help me?   Gotta black eye   Whatsapp?
It's raining cats and dogs   Kitty the Cat   Puppy the Dog   Multilingual Sheep
Philosophical Sheep   Moe the Cow   Learn a new language    

Keep Calm

I love English

Keep Calm and Repeat Please   Keep Calm and     English Inside     I Love English

M-E Logo

Big Multimedia-English logo   Little Multimedia-English logo   Multimedia-English Logo with Slogan   Multimedia-English Coat of Arms - Crown
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Womenswear   T-shirts
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About this shop

In this shop we try to offer exclusive & cool stuff for all our users and customers, especially people who are crazy about learning English and feel proud to show it. The profits from this shop will be entirely devoted to cover part of the high cost of keeping this website free. So every penny you spend will also benefit everyone on this educational website, Multimedia-English.

Most of our products are customizable, you can start by choosing a design you like and then, if you want, change some things to produce your perfect personal M-E item (choose style, size, colour, change size or position of the images or change the text and letter font of the slogan to make it your own). So we can be completely sure that when you buy it, you will be happy with it.

Our shop is built within Zazzle, one of the most important merchandising providers on the Internet, so you can trust all your transactions and deliveries, and if you are not happy with your purchase, you can return the products with the strongest guarantees. They can deliver to most countries, but just in case, you can check if your country is eligible by consulting our provider's country list here: International shipping destinations.

Prices are in British pounds, so if you want to know how much it is in euros, dollars, etc, you can make the currency conversion here.

About customizing your products

If you decide to customize a product, notice that some of your changes can make the final price cheaper or more expensive (the price changes will always be visible for you instantly). If you change the colour, make sure the design still looks fine. You can choose a man's t-shirt and then change it into a woman's sweater or a kid's hoodie, for example, because they are all clothing, but you cannot take a mug and change it into a pillow, because they are completely different things. Also, some products may be locked and not customizable. If you change an image or its size, make sure that it will be printed correctly by clicking on the preview icon and see if all the image falls inside the visual area or inside the dotted red lines if there are any, since sometimes the image looks fine on the model but then it is clipped off when printed out. To make a change, first you have to click on the button "Customize it". Then, under the picture, you will see two orange icons "Art View" and "Boundaries". Clicking on Boundaries you will see the area where your design must be contained; if your image or words move outside the dotted frame marking the boundaries of impression, then it will be clipped off. Clicking Art View you can see the design on the product to see if the result is ok.

And now, come into our shop and look for that special thing that is waiting for you. And remember, if you buy more than one product you will save money on delivery!

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