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Booking a hotel room (English Expert) (India) PRACTICE 3 - part of lesson B
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A simple video with the most common expressions to book a room at a hotel.

- Good morning! May I help you, sir?
- Good morning! We would like to book a room for three days.
- Sure, sir. Single o double?
- Double. Double,  of course!
- Just a moment, sir. Yes sir, you could have one on the second floor.
- Ah! She wants to know if we could get a room on the ground floor.
- Let me see...Yes, we have just one room next to the lift. Will that be O.K.?
- All right. We'll take that one...What are your charges?
- For a double room it is Rs.1500 per day.
- O.K. What about food? Do you have a restaurant attached?
- Yes, we do have a restaurant. You could order food from your room itself.
- You have hot water throughout the day, don’t you?
- Yes, sir. You can use hot water throughout the day. We also provide room heaters since it’s very cold here.
- Ah! Good. One last information. Would you be able to arrange transport  for us to go around Kodaikanal?
- Certainly, but that'll cost you extra, sir.
- That’s fine. We  will discuss that later. probably after breakfast. We would like to check  in  right  away.
- Sure, sir. Please enter your name and contact number here. The attender will carry your suitcases. It’s room number 15. In case you require anything else, please do call room service.
- Yes, of course! Thank you so much.
- Ah, yes. Could you please send today’s newspaper to the room?
- Sure, sir. Have a nice stay here
- Thank you.



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