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Friends: Likes and dislikes (RichmondWorld) UNIT 4 - part of lesson J
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Listen to these two friends talking about likes and dislikes. See if how much you can understand and then watch the video reading the transcription.

I'm bored. I'm doing nothing this evening. I know. Maybe Alex is doing something later.

- Hello
- Alex, I'm bored. Are you going out later?
- Hello Tom. And yes, I am.
- Can I come with you?
- No.
- Why not?
- Because we're not interested in the same things.
- That's not true. I'm interested in everything. I'm into football. I like football computer games. I love going to football matches. Let's go to a football match!
- I can't stand football.
- But you're...
- I know Tom. Some Brazilians aren't into football.
- Oh, what are you doing later?
- Well, I've got three options.
- What are your options?
- OK. Number 1: my work friends are going to an art gallery this afternoon.
- An art gallery? The blues are really strong. The reds are really angry. The greens are beautiful.
- Fine. Number 2: my house mates are going to the theatre.
- The theatre. Good idea!
- Really?
- No! I can't stand the theatre! I'm not happy. I'm sad. I'm so stressed. Life is black and white and grey. There's no colour.
- Fine. Option 3 and final option.
- Yes?
- It's a bit different.
- Yes?
- I'm going...
- Yes?
- Dancing.
- Dancing? Good idea! I am an excellent dancer.
- What time and where?
- Ok, so let's meet at Marble Arch at 5 o'clock.

- I hate this type of dancing.

Here you can find two expressions to talk about what you like and what you don't like:

1- I'm into football = I like football

2- I can't stand football = I don't like football at all / I hate football

These expressions are followed by -ING:
- Are you into reading books?
- I can't stand watching TV

The expression "can't stand" cannot be used in the affirmative (I can stand watching TV). The affirmative form would be "I love watching TV". But you can say "I'm not into reading books" (= I don't like them very much)



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