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Restaurant expressions (Smart Teaching Online) (Spanish) PRACTICE 3 - part of lesson A
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These are some useful expressions that you may use when going to the restaurant.

American English with English and Spanish subtitles.

- I'm hungry
- Whose reservation is it?
- How many people are you?
- Would you like to be in the smoking or the non-smoking section?
- We'd like the bufet, please.
- We want to ask from the menu.
- What dish would you recommend.
- What are you having?
- Would you like something to drink?
- I want a beer, please.
- Could you bring some snacks to start?
- Are you ready to order?
- Waiter, can you take our order?
- How do you serve this food?
- Bring me a hamburger, please.
- Could you take these dishes away?
- Would you like to order any dessert?
- Give me the check, please.
- Do you need an invoice?
- Here is your tip.
- See you soon.
- Bon appetite.


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