First day of school tips (whatthebuckshow)

This episode of the Youtube programme "What the buck?" gives some advice about how to behave on your first day of school if you want to start on your right foot.

This is also the video that Sarah, from The Daily English Show comments on her #1285 episode (see here)

Hey everybody it’s Michael Buckley from the What The Buck Show. And in lieu of Dear Buck today I’m going to do a general back to school advice episode because a lot of you are going back to school, but this also applies for first day of work and generally how to greet people. Um, I was answering a question on Dear Buck, during the live show and somebody wrote, um, they were worried about their first day of school because they were fat and they were ugly and people won’t like them and instantly I was like, “Don’t say that!” because I swear to god if you show up at your first day of school, your first day at work, your first anything … people pick up on that. They’ll pick up on that cue, “I’m fat, I’m unattractive, I’m not worthy of you talking to me”, and you’re going to come off defensive. You … seriously. So that is, I’m just telling you right now, do not walk into the first day of school with any sort of, “People aren’t going to like me. I’m unattractive.” That’s what you’re going to put off, that’s what you’re going to get back. Laws of attraction. So I’m telling you, walk in there with a smile on your face, do not walk in there feeling fat, unattractive and that ... You know what I’m saying? You need to … otherwise you’re going to have your back up and you’re going to look, you know, ugh… Nobody wants to talk to someone who puts off uggggh. You know.

I also tell people this: Do not lead with sarcasm. You may think that, you know … you know, I always say, “lead with kindness and smiles”. You may think you’re very funny, I think I’m very funny, when I first meet people, I don’t go with the sarcasm right away, I go with the kindness right away, because you don’t know how people are going to react to your sense of humour.
So if you go in the first day of school and you think I’m going to drop all these jokes and you tank, then it’s going to be like, “Oh there’s the kid who’s trying too hard to be funny.” So, I always say, wait a week or … wait two or three weeks, get to know these people, and then you can, you know, go with the sarcasm and you can go with the jokes. I just think it’s risky to show up with a, you know, a stand up routine your first week of school, unless these are trusted people, you’ve known them for years and you know that they won’t laugh at you. But, I’m just saying, in general, go in with smiles and kindness and, you know, warmth and engaging, not the jokes. Um, yeah.

Always start, people love talking about themselves, we say that all the time on Dear Buck,
so if you’re wondering how to engage a conversation with somebody sitting next to you, somebody sitting in front of you, someone at the lunch table … “How was your summer? Did you and your family take any vacations? Who do you have for algebra?” You do not have to overthink it. If you, if some…you know, “What TV shows did you watch this summer? Did you watch Big Brother? Did you watch Pretty Little Liars?” Kind of, you know, it’s easy to speak general and, you know, take an interest in other people. “What did you do this summer? What did you watch on TV this summer?” People will love that. You can, you know, and always people love compliments. “I like your sneakers. I like your bookbag, where did you get it?” So these are just things that are easy, that you forget because you’re nervous and you’re like, “Ahh, I don’t know how to function!” And there’s so many of you who, I can tell from the emails you send me, you don’t necessarily know how to function in these situations. So you just need to take a deep breath, smile and be ready to just engage.

And don’t be the person to start trouble. Don’t, don’t think I’m going to avoid being picked on by starting to pick on … “Oh, look at her, she’s fat. What a bitch.” Don’t go there. Don’t be that person. Because it’s, it’s easy to be that person and I understand it’s, it’s attractive to want to be that person. Don’t be that person, cause in general that’s the person who, by the end of the year, has no friends. Because you’ve exhausted everybody. All you need is one good friend. You don’t need to be everybody’s best friend. Don’t be that person who … “I need to be best friends with everybody.” Because it’s not going to work out, you’re going to, you’re going to spread yourself too thin. Focus on the one, the two, the three … the group of people who, you know, who really like you and who you can form good friendships with. But I caution you on this, especially the first weeks of school when you don’t know each other very well, if you’re transitioning, you’re in 6th, you’re in 9th, … your first year of college. Do not get stuck at a group of people that you really don’t like, which I think a lot of you do because it’s safe. And you end up sitting there for like the whole year and you’re like, “How do I stop eating lunch with these people?” So you need to really learn how to be a social butterfly and engage different types of people, it’ll serve you best in life. Um, you’re not everybody’s best friend, you don’t have to be best friends with the jocks, the drama people, the cheerleading … You don’t need to be best friends with all of them. But it’s good to learn how to interact and be friendly with everybody. So, be friendly with everybody, do not worry about being best friends with everybody. And really, you know, just focus on one or two people that you can trust and you can, you know, be involved in and, you know, form a good friendship with and, you know, your friendship circles will grow, but don’t go in there the first week, “I need to be best friends with everybody”, or, “Oh, I need to establish myself at this lunch table.” Be open to change minds. After two weeks, “Mmm, I’m going to try sitting over here today.” And don’t let anybody make you feel bad, like, “Why is she not sitting with us today?” This is life, this is how things go. For those first two weeks you needed those friends, well, now, it didn’t work out, so …

Yeah, so this is complicated, I’m telling you two things. Are you grasping that? Do you know what I’m saying? Did I not explain it well? I should have typed it all up, I apologize, but anyway, I just want to say: Good luck! Have fun! Smile! Be engaged in class. Again, I know you don’t want to here this, you’re there for an education, make the …You know, don’t be an idiot. Don’t be happy to get a D. Don’t be happy to squeak (?) by with a c minus. Go in, you know, make efforts to do well in school and take pride in your work, take pride in your friendships, you know, get to know your teachers. And just make the most of, you know, every year of school. Just have a great time. And, you know, let me know if you have any questions, or, you know, any suggestions for future video topics. And I’ll keep doing Dear Buck, I’ll keep doing What The Buck, but on the eve of back to school, I just wanted to send you positive vibes, put off good to the universe and, you know, and have a great time at school and I will see you soon.

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