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A European Road Trip (Charlie McDonnell)
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Basically I went travelling around Europe for a week and a half and, like any good road trip should, it opened my mind a little. Clichés abound. Also YOLO.

Full disclosure: Yes, Contiki sent me on this trip for free. No, they didn't pay me, and no, they didn't even ask me to say nice things about them (which should hopefully be clear from the fact that I didn't always say nice things about them, although generally I do think they're great).

Charlie McDonell

YOLO= /jəʊləʊ/ Abbreviation for: you only live once, often used as an excuse for justifying any stupid thing you make, as long as it is fun, or you did it trying to have fun, or kind of.

- Hey, I heard that you broke you leg falling off the balcony at that party
- Yeah man, but hey, YOLO

You can listen to the song they sing at the end of the video here: We Are Young.

A European Road Trip (with key)


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