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Am I on drugs? (WasteTimeChasingCars)

Is that all happening or is he on drugs? Mac is trying to make a video with his friend but everything gets too surreal.

- Hey guys. So, I wanted to introduce you to a guy who's been begging to be on my videos for...
- Hey Mac! Hey guys.
- Oh yeah. What's our video gonna be about?
- I was thinking we should make one about Saw.
- I don't think that's gonna work. I've made a lot of Saw parodies. I...
- Alright then, let's go.

- How did I get (here)?
- Silence Mac! It's time for us to play a little game.
- Is that a plastic bag on your head?
- I didn't have a Saw mask.
- Yeah but, won't you, like... die?
- Arggh.
- Parody? That's your Saw parody?

- Ok so... did that actually just happen?
- Hey Mac!
- So you're not dead then?
- What are you talking about?
- Never mind.
- So, let's make the video now.
- Alright, we'll... what should we make it about?
- Let's make a music video about shutter glasses.
- I don't know dude, I...

You think you've got the glasses? He's got the glasses.
You really want the glasses? He's got the glasses.
You just want a pair? You think it isn't fair?
You really want a set? You are not ready yet.
Who's got the glasses?
- ....
Who's got the glasses?
- I do?
Mac has the glasses.
Who has the glasses?
- Mac has the glasses.
Mac has the glasses.
- Mac has the glasses.
Who has the glasses?
- Mac has the glasses.

- Oh, this again?
- So what do you wanna do a video about, Mac?
- We just did a video, right?
- What are you talking about?
- Am I on drugs?
- Oh, I know. Let's do a horror video.
- But we just did the Saw thing.
- What? I, I can't hear you.

- Hello Mac.
- Ok, so now what? We're back in my basement?
- Ha, ha, ha.
- Is this supposed to be scary?
- I know what you're thinking about.
- About how lame your laugh was?
- About a joke.
- You mean "knock-knock"?
- Who's there?
- I don't know, I wasn't thinking about it.
- Banana who?
- Banana?!
- I'm a banana!
- ....
- I'm a banana!
- No, you're a douchebag in a banana costume.
- Orange you glad I didn't say banana?
- Wow!

GUYS= (coll.) A word we use to address people, especially in AmE. HEY GUYS = Hello Everybody!

SO= We often use this word in conversational English before we start a sentence, but it doesn't mean anything, it just signals that we're going to start saying something or we're going to continue to say something different. As you can see, there are many SO's in this conversation.

WANTED= /wɑnɪd/ in AmE the T may disappear when it goes after an N. (BrE /wɒntɪd/)

BEGGING= To beg is to ask for something humbly, earnestly and urgently.

ON MY VIDEOS= Notice the preposition ON for videos and TV (e.g. I saw him on TV).

GONNA= (coll.) Going to.

SAW= A famous horror movie in which a psychopath covered with a mask imprisons his victims in a basement and tortures them in horrible ways. (see picture)

THAT'S GONNA WORK= That's going to have a good result.

WON'T YOU, LIKE... DIE?= The sentence is "won't you die?". We insert that LIKE in front of DIE to make the meaning of the verb imprecise, so here, the word LIKE means "more or less", "something similar to". When we use the word LIKE in this way, we often make a little hesitating pause between LIKE and the word it is affecting.
- She's like... pretty = She's not exactly pretty but... more or less.
- It's like cold in here = It's a bit cold in here. It's not really cold but...
- They like... need a wash = They probably need a wash.
We can also use KIND OF with the same function, but in this case we don't need to make a pause after it:
- She's kind of pretty = She's like... pretty = She's more or less pretty.
- It's kind of cold in here.
- They kind of need a wash.

ACTUALLY= /ækəlɪ/  In reality, really, for real, truly.

DID...JUST HAPPEN= Happened a second ago. When we use the past (simple past or present perfect) with JUST, it means that the action happened very recently.
- I saw your father (some time in the past)
- I just saw your father (a moment ago; a second ago)
- She has just phoned you (a moment ago; a second ago)

NEVER MIND= It's ok, forget about it, no problem, everything's find.
We use this phrase in two situations:
---- when we don't want to answer a question:
- Are you ok? What happened to your eye?
- Never mind.

---- when we accept someone's apologies:
- Oh, I'm sorry, I didn't mean to drink from your glass.
- It's ok, never mind.

SHUTTER GLASSES= Sunglasses with no lenses. They look more like a venecian blind. They don't protect you from the UV light, but instead, simply block the direct sunlight by shadowing your eyes. Very fashionable and trendy if you like the style. They come in all colours (see picture)

DUDE= (coll. AmE) A word men/boys use to address other men/boys. This word means "a macho man".
- Hey dude, how ya doin'?
- Yo, dude! Doin' great here, how 'bout you?
- Same, dude.

We more often use the word MAN with the same meaning:
- Hey man, how ya doin'?
In BrE they usually use the word MATE:
- Hi mate, how are you?

A PAIR= A pair of glasses. Most things made up of two identical parts are used in the plural in English: scissors, trousers, pants, glasses, etc. So if we want to specify that we are referring to one example of that, we usually use the expression "a pair of...": a pair of scissors, a pair of glasses. We can count them up too: two pairs of glasses, three pairs of glasses.

FAIR= /feə*/ just, equitable, according to justice.

A SET= A pair (used with things made up of two identical parts. See above).

AM I ON DRUGS= To be on drugs is to consume drugs regularly. If you are under the effects of drugs you may have hallucinations and reality seems distorted. So when people are experiencing something strange that they can't understand they can say "am I on drugs?" (= this is really strange and I can't understand it).

THE SAW THING= We can use THING as a general word to refer to something we don't know exactly how to name or we don't care about the name. In this case "The Saw thing" refers to "the video about the movie Saw".

BASEMENT= A part of a building underground. It may be have rooms, as the rest of the house or be just used as a workshop or something, or even be a complete house in itself. When it is used just for storing things it is usually called a CELLAR.

IS THIS SUPPOSED TO BE SCARY? = You think this is scary?
Something scary /skrɪ/ makes you afraid.

LAME= In this case it means unsatisfactory, pathetic, ridiculous, stupid.

LAUGH= /læf/ (BrE aslo /lɑ:f/ )  laughter. The verb is TO LAUGH and the noun is LAUGHTER /læftə*/, but we can sometimes use LAUGH as a noun.

KNOCK-KNOCK= This is a very popular kind of jokes in English. They all start with the phrase "knock-knock" (the sound made when knocking at the door) and they always follow this pattern:
- Knock, knock.
- Who's there?
- ******
- ****** who?
- ****** **** ****
(usually a phonetic pun so the fun is to say them aloud)
Knock, Knock!
Who's there?
Hawaii who?
I'm fine. Hawaii you?

(Hawaii you sounds like How are you?more knock knock jokes here
On this video they are referring to this old knock-knock joke:
Knock, Knock!
Who's there?
Banana who?
Knock, Knock!
Who's there?
Banana who?
Knock, Knock!
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad I didn't say banana?

The joke here is in the last line (as always), and it's a phonetic pun, because especially with an American accent, the sentence "orange you glad" /ɑrɪŋdʒu: glæd/ sounds very similar to "aren't you glad" /ɑrəŋu: glæd/ (remember that T+Y= CH).

DOUCHEBAG= (AmE) /du:ʃbæg/ Stupid person, a jerk.

COSTUME= A fancy dress that makes you look like a different person.

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