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Charlie gets random (Charlie McDonnell)
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Some people think Charlie is not so random as he used to be. Well, he's determined to show that he can be so so random. And surely he gets random here, an showing a bit of bad taste too, but oh well.

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Right, ok, here’s the thing. Whenever I make a new video recently, ok, I always get these comments from people saying that I have changed. "Oh my God, Charlie, you used to be so random!", "What ever happened to the ‘Charlie randomness’, Charlie?", "Oh my God, Charlie, you used to be so random!", "You’ve changed, man, ahh, you used to be different".

And I’m just like, "I haven’t changed, right?" I’m pretty sure that in my lifetime I have not changed at all. So, where you people are getting these ideas from is beyond me. I don’t know what you people mean, what is ‘Charlie randomness’. I don’t.. it is.. bh... brrr. I don’t, I don’t know what it... what y-... agh.

I’m just confused, basically, but... I have an idea. Basically... Basically, basically, what I’m gonna do today is give you a concentrated dose of ‘Charlie randomness’ so, if you’re one of those people who watches some of my videos and thinks, "this isn’t hilarious, I like it when he does random stuff", watch this video, come back to this one and, and hopefully, you will be satisfied. That is the plan so here is your dosage of Charlie randomness.

Charlie is so Charlie is so Charlie is so cool!

- Hey Charlie, what’s that there you reading?
- Oh, this? I’m just reading a book
- Hey, aren't you reading that book upside down?
- Why yes, I am, because I am random, ha ha ha ha

Hey, does anyone wanna play "Mario Kart Wii" ? I sure do. Hey, here’s my friend-code. Let’s go play "Mario Kart Wii" together!

Hi, I’m just gonna take a phone call. Oh wait, there’s no one on the phone, ha ha ha ha

Have you ever noticed that I have a big mole here, on the side of my face?

Hey, let’s play Nintendo! I really like playing Nintendo wii, but I don’t have a wrist strap because I am hardcore.

Oooh! You’re quite pretty!

Hey, I’m gonna shout, "Aaaaaah!"

Does anybody want a hug? Just a quick one. Feel better?

I bet you weren’t expecting this. Look at this! The camera is at a different angle! Oh my God, I am so random today! What is got into me? Aaaaaugh! I feel so insane!

Glglglglglglgl. Ok!


I'm just gonna like take off this sock. Did you see that? Did you ever see that?

I’m pretty sure this is randomness but, I don’t know, I think there’s a fine line between random, and completely and utterly insane. Do you dare me to get an ice-cream? Because I will.

Oh, my God! It’s actually really, really cold, and that kind of hurt my teeth. I guess I’ve got to finish this ice-cream now... uhmm, so just, just gimme a minute. [mumbling:] err, It’ll probably take longer than a minute but I will speed up, up.

That was a really nice ice-cream. Oh, there are a lot of naked people on TV. Ah... sorry... what... what’s going on, what’s going on today! That ice-cream has kind of settled me and I’m not feeling as random as I was five minutes ago. Umh... so... here comes a burp.

I hope that little dose of randomness was concentrated enough for you and..... there’s another burp.

"Challenge Charlie" videos will come as soon as I have my head on. I’ve been doing a play for ages so now that I’ve finished doing that play I’m going to try and make two videos a week. I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to stick to that but that is my goal, and if I manage to do that, um, then, you can give me a cookie, please! And that’s it, goodbye!

RANDOM= (coll) Something or a group of things that follow no criteria or pattern. But in colloquial English (esp. BrE) it is used by teenagers to mean a thing or behaviour which is unconventional, loud and shocking (simply crazy). The abstract noun is "randomness" (e.g. I don’t like randomness when dressing).

WHENEVER= every time, all the times, it doesn’t matter when. The suffix –EVER is added to interrogative words with the meaning: "it doesn’t matter wh-":
Whoever= it doesn’t matter who (e.g: you can marry whoever you like)
Wherever= it doesn’t matter where (e.g: wherever I go, I always see her)
Whatever= it doesn’t matter what (e.g: he always got whatever he wanted)

WHAT EVER= another use of the -ever compounds is to emphasize the question:
what ever?= what the heck?
So saying "Who ever is that boy?" sounds much stronger than "Who is that boy?".
We can write it as two words or one, but one word is the usual spelling now (where ever = wherever)

USED TO= we use this phrase to say that a habit or situation was true in the past but not anymore:
- she used to be always sad, but now she looks so happy
- winters here used to be very cold, but now they’re warmer

PRETTY= (coll.) quite (e.g: his house is pretty big= his house is quite big)

MY LIFETIME= all my life (the time I have lived)

AT ALL= we use this phrase to emphasize negative and interrogative sentences:
- I don’t need you at all
- do you know her at all?

BEYOND= further than ("further" is the comparative of "far").
THAT’S BEYOND ME= I don’t understand it, I have no idea, I don’t know.

GONNA= going to

DOSE= a measured amount of medicine or other substance which is intended to be taken at one time.

HILARIOUS= very very funny

STUFF= things

DOSAGE= the total amount of medicine or drug that should be taken over a period of time (all the doses put together)

UPSIDE DOWN= if something is upside down, its position is vertically inverted, the top is at the bottom and the inferior part is at the top, i.e., if a person is upside down, his head is on the ground and his legs up in the air.

WANNA= want to

I SURE DO= I certainly do, I really do, of course I do. In this sentence, DO here means WANT because it’s a pro-verb, and if pronouns substitute for a noun, proverbs substitute for a verb mentioned before.

LET’S GO PLAY= with the verb "to go" + sports or free time activities, we can say "let’s go to play", or we can also say "let’s go and play", but in more colloquial English we can also say "let’s go play" (or "she went dancing", etc)

GONNA= going to

ON THE PHONE= notice the preposition we use with the phone: ON

MOLE= a dark spot (black or brown) that some people have on their skin, usually circular (or more or less)

NINTENDO= "Nintendo" and "Play Station" are the most popular brands of video games consoles

WII= it’s a wireless video game system where you can control the game with a little device in your hand and the computer can read the position of your hand in 3D.

WRIST= the part where your hand and your arm join together

STRAP= a narrow band of leather, cloth, or other material, which is used to carry something or to hold a piece of clothing or an object in place.

A WRIST STRAP= a strap to secure your wii wireless controller around your wrist

HARD COOL= "Cool" means: great, wonderful. Hard cool? No idea (maybe I misunderstood this), or it might be a new fashionable way of saying "very cool" (am I getting too old?)

HUG= embrace. The verb is "to hug"; if you hug someone, you put your arms around them

WHAT IS GOT INTO YOU?= you say this when someone is behaving in a very strange way or have a very strange idea.

UTTERLY= completely, totally

INSANE= mad(BrE), crazy(AmE)

DARE= if you dare someone to do something dangerous or frightening, you challenge them to do it (so if they don’t do it, they will be considered a coward). On this video, this verb is used in a funny exaggerated way.

ACTUALLY= in reality

I GUESS= I suppose, I think

GIMME= give me

SPEED UP= accelerate, go faster

ON TV= notice the preposition we use with "television"

KIND OF= more or less

SETTLED= if you feel settled, you feel "normal" and don’t want to be bad or crazy or strange or foolish or risky or adventurous

BURP= (coll.) a noisy explosion of air coming out of your mouth (that was very rude of Charlie). The normal word for this would be "belch"

I HAVE MY HEAD ON= I am settled, I can think correctly. If you have your head off, you have no head, so you can’t think (because you’re crazy or stupid... or random).

PLAY= a theatrical performance

FOR AGES= for a very long time

I’M GOING TO TRY AND MAKE= after the verb "to try" (and "to go") we can use "to +verb" or "and +verb": I’ll try and find her = I’ll try to find her.

TO STICK TO A PROMISE= to keep the promise, to do it

GOAL= objective

MANAGE= if you manage to do something, you can do it

COOKIE(AmE)= biscuit(BrE). The word "cookie" is used in the UK for "chocolate chips" (a very popular American biscuit with little pieces of chocolate into it). He said: if I do what I promise "you can give me a cookie"; because that’s what you give a dog when they are good and do what you tell them to do. So Charlie is just being funny.

THAT’S IT= finished! this is the end



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