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Clothes! (Charlie McDonnell)
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Charlies McDonnell is taking up a new challenge. He'll have to wear all his clothes on at the same time!

See more videos by Charlie here:


So for those of you that might not know, last year I decided to do something called "Challenge Charlie", where I would do 25 user-submitted challenges. The last challenge that I did was about 5 months ago and that was the third one, so I'm a bit behind. The third challenge that I chose was to shave all of my hair off for charity. I didn't post a video of that anywhere, because I did it live on the Internet, but here is a snippet over here in case you missed it. But today I decided that I would finally return to the world of "Challenge Charlie", so the challenge that I picked was to wear all of my clothes at the same time. This is submitted by PointlessKaty... no, PointlessKateCYbonnie. [I suck at reading usernames]

So without further ado, or whatever, here is me putting on all of my clothes!

Do you like my tripod? It's that stack of books and boxes.

Ok, let's go.

Already this is quite uncomfortable, which is a good sign.
It's getting hot in here, so putting on all of your clothes like an idiot...

I don't understand why I need to own so many T-shirts. Oh, surely I just need like seven of them or, what, oh, this is crazy. I got to medium-sized T-shirts now. Sitll a little uncomfortable but I'm fine, I'm doing well.

Ok, ough, It's all there, oooh. This should 've been in the "small" pile. Aaauw. Ok, it's gotta go on, whatever. I need help. Somebody help me, please.

This is the last medium-size T-shirt. After this is all big ones, and then I gotta do the jumpers. Oh my God!

This is my Julia Nunes T-shirt. I like Julia. Oh, this'll be some coming on. I'm so afraid of taking all of these off. I don't... I don't... I don't even wanna think about that stage, actually.

Last T-shirt. My big orange. Success on the T-shirt front. Oh, now, look at all of these jumpers I have to put on. Oh, this just isn't gonna happen. Just gonna try and put on a few, I don't think I'm gonna get 'em all on.

This is the biggest hoodie that I own. And now after all of these, I only have two pairs of trousers to put on. I'll bring you a big closer for this one. Don't want you to miss out on any of the trouser action.

You've known these ones. They're actually the oldest pair of trousers that I own. They're actually the biggest ones. I used to really like wearing baggy jeans when I was a kid. I thought I was a cool skater-boy or whatever.

Oh, no, that's not gonna happen.

Oh, it's hot. Surprisingly.

Socks. Yay.

Tada!! Now for my gloves. Some fingerless gloves. When my dad found out about my fingerless gloves he went out and he bought me, ehm, these leather gloves, which was nice of him. And then one of my friends told me they were actually gloves for ladies. Not actually men's gloves; gloves for the females, so, ehm, now I don't wear them out. I can't get the last pair on. Two pairs of gloves.

Now it's just a challenge to put the hats on, 'cause I've got these gloves on.

Almost there. And there we go!

I am now officially wearing all of my clothes. Right. Tada!! challenge completed!! Oh God! And now I have to take it all off. Brilliant!

And that right there's all of the clothes that I was just wearing. Right, I hope that was more fun for you to watch that it was for me to do. I'm gonna go and do one of two things: either have a nap (a little siesta), or I'm gonna have a nice cold bath.

Actually, I didn't have a bath or a nap. I decided just to go straight into editing the video, ehm, because I'm dedicated, like that. But, yeah, thanks for watching. Bye!

MIGHT= This modal verb is often used to express possibility, so "those of you that might not know" means "those of you who maybe don't know it".

CHALLENGE= A challenge is when you try to do something very difficult, usually because someone else told you to do it in order to test your capabilities.

USER-SUBMITTED CHALLENGES= Challenges submitted by users. A user here is anyone regularly using a website. If a user submits something to a website, they write something on it or upload a piece of multimedia (video, sound, photo).

I'M A BIT BEHIND= If you have things to do and you're behind, it means that you are too slow, you should have done more things by now than what you have already done.

SHAVE ALL MY HAIR OFF FOR CHARITY= The particle OFF expresses separation, so if he shaved his hair off, he didn't simply shaved his hair a bit, but removed it, so he got bald (no hair). If he did it for charity, he planned to collect money with it and then give all that money to the needed (an ONG organization, the poor, etc.).

LIVE= /laɪv/ If you see something on TV or the Internet live, you see it at the same time it is happening. Be careful with the pronunciation of this adverb, don't confuse it with the verb "to live" /lɪv/.

SNIPPET= Small fragment.

IN CASE= If that was true; to avoid that possible problem.

YOU MISSED IT= If you miss something you don't experience it. In this context it means "you didn't see the video".

PICKED= Chose.

I SUCK AT= (coll.) I'm terrible at... (+ -ing, because after prepositions and conjunctions we use the –ing form of the verb)

WITHOUT FURTHER ADO= (formal) without any more delay, without waiting any more.

OR WHATEVER= We can use this phrase when we are not sure if something we said is correct or appropriate but we don't care too much about it.

HERE IS ME PUTTING ON...= The sentence "me putting on..." is the complement of the verb IS, so we need to use the –ing form of the verb because it is playing the role of a noun (and the noun form of English verbs is –ing). And when an –ing form has its own subject and that subject is a pronoun, it has to be in the object form (so it has to be "me" and not "I"), though it could also be a possessive adjective. More examples:
- I don't like him looking at me = I don't like his looking at me
- Excuse me asking you = Excuse my asking you
- I love you moving = I love your moving

TRIPODE= An object with three legs used to support something, such as a photographic or video camera, so it can take pictures or film from a steady position.

STACK= A stack is a pile of things, one on top of each other.

OWN= Possess, have.

SURELY= ɔ:*lɪ/ For sure, without any doubt.

LIKE= (prep.) more or less; for example.

THE "SMALL" PILE= The heap of T-shirts which are small size (T-shirt sizes are: S= small, M= medium, L= large/big, XL= extra large)

GOTTA= (coll.) Have got to, must.

GO ON= Continue.

WHATEVER= I don't care what it is; it's not important what it is.

JUMPERS= Sweaters.

JULIA NUNES= A teen singer from New York.

AFRAID OF TAKING= After prepositions and conjunctions we use the –ING form.

WANNA= (coll.) want to.

STAGE= A level, degree, or period of time in the course of a process.

ACTUALLY= In fact.

MY BIG ORANGE= Here, the adjective "orange" is used as a noun referring to his "orange T-shirt", which is not a very correct grammatical construction. Or simply it's an incomplete sentence where "T-shirt" is missing (incomplete sentences often happen in conversation).

THE T-SHIRT FRONT= This is a metaphor from the war. A front is an area where two armies clash and are fighting, so Charlie is pretending his efforts to complete the challenge are like a war with different fronts: the T-shirt front, the sweater front, the trousers front, etc.

THIS ISN'T GONNA HAPPEN= (coll.) This is not possible.

'EM= (coll.) them.

HOODIE= A sweater with a hood (see picture)

MISS OUT= Not experience, not see. If you miss something out, you are not there, you can't see it or you don't know it happened.

BAGGY JEANS= (also: baggie jeans) Jeans that are wide on the legs (like a big bag, hence the name). Also called "baggies". (see picture).

COOL= Fashionable, trendy.

SKATER-BOY= A boy who loves skating and usually dresses wearing a hoodie, baggies, a baseball hat and trainers (sneakers). (see picture)

OR WHATEVER= more or less; or something similar.

SURPRISINGLY= You say this to explain that something was a surprise for you. In this case Charlie is ironical, because it is the normal thing to be hot if you are wearing so many clothes on at the same time.

YAY= An exclamation of happiness. He uses it here a bit ironically too, he doesn't look too excited about trying to put all his socks on now.

GLOVES= /glʌvz/ A piece of clothing you wear to cover your hands. Careful with the pronunciation.

NOW FOR MY GLOVES= And now let's try to do the same thing with my gloves.

FINGERLESS= Without fingers. The suffix –LESS means "without" so, for example, "helpless" means "without help" and someone "careless" is someone who is not careful.

LEATHER= /leðə*/ The skin of some animals used for making clothes and other objects such as shoes, wallets, belts, etc.

ACTUALLY= In fact; in reality.

'CAUSE= (coll.) because.

ALMOST THERE= Almost finished.

BRILLIANT!= (BrE) Fantastic! wonderful! Cool!

EITHER= Notice the British pronunciation /ðə*/. In American English (and also many people in Britain) it is pronounced /i:ðə*/. It is used to introduce the first of two options (the second option is introduced by OR): "either you stay here or you come with me".

NAP= A little time of sleep during the day.

SIESTA= Originally a Spanish word which is a nap you take after having lunch, during the hottest part of the day. In English it is usually used in the same way, but it can also be used to refer to a little nap any other time during the day.

TO GO STRAIGHT INTO= To go immediately to... (without any delays and without doing anything else meanwhile). It is followed by an -ING form because the final TO is a preposition of direction, and after prepositions and conjunctions we use the -ING form.

DEDICATED= Totally devoted to a particular goal or idea.



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