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Coming out (Charlie McDonnell)
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Charlie McDonnell has a very important secret to tell us. Listen to his confession.

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Note: about that weird ending of the video... well, I suppose it was some kind of dare or challenge from some friend (anyway, remember that last image because it will be a key factor for a later video soon on this site too).

Hello, I'm sort of nervous today because I have something that I need to tell you. I have a secret, basically, that I've been keeping from you for quite a while. It is probably going to change the way you perceive me just, you know, forever, but I feel like we've known each other for a while now and that we're at the stage in our relationship where I just, I just have to be honest with you. Well, that, and I don't really have any choice in the matter, to be honest, in fact I don't really have any notions about what choice actually is, I just do what I'm told. Basically I am and have always been a robot.

Hello everyone. My name is Arty Bloch. I am a robotics technician and I am the chief developer on the Charliebot Project. And I'm hear today, we're here today to announce to you formally what many of you speculated about over the years, that Charlie McDonnell, or Charliebot, is in fact a machine. How are you, buddy?

Now, the Charliebot is been in development for about 8 years now, so before even YouTube was around and it was originally created for the US military, as a robot soldier with superhuman strength. 3, 2, 1, activate!

But unfortunately there were some slight complications there and it was later repurposed for the use of light entertainment. Now, one of the things you might have noticed about the Charlie videos is the use of the "jump cut editing". For example... And that style actually comes out of a technical issue that we have with the Charliebot, if you let me demonstrate. Basically, the Charliebot can only say so much before it overheats. So if I programme in a couple of messages for it to say... ok?

- Hello, I'm Charlie and this is me saying something as if I was a real person, which of course I'm not.

Then he automatically freezes and what we do is we re-position him, we re-activate him and then he says the second line.

- Did you know that it is a piece of cake to bake a pretty cake? What!

And then Gary, our video editor, cuts out that bit in the middle and that's how we ended up with the Charlie-jump-cut style. Now, the exciting news that we have for you today, the reason we're even doing this, is that Apple have recently acquired the Charliebot and with that was set to released a brand new consumer model of the Charliebot, here he is, and it comes with all of the features you would expect from the Charlie in the videos, plus some new ones, which are:

1- Programme Charlie to say whatever you like- Yes, yes, I will marry you **insert name here**
2- Watch as he calculates anagrams-
- Chicken
- An anagram of chicken is: check-in.
- Simpleton
- An anagram of simpleton is: lemon spit
- Nerimon
- An anagram of Nerimon is: Iron Men.
3- If you have an i-pod then you can use him as a speaker.
4- Use it for security for when you're out of the house.
5- He also comes with a variety of different T-shirts, including the classic "no pogo", "Cloning Chalie", "I got opinions", "Captain Hammer" and we'll also be releasing one with purple skin, though that's still in production.

He's completely anatomically correct, uhm, and yes, you will be able to programme him to love you. And he's fairly cheap too, for advanced robotics. Only about one or two millions. So it's not really that xxxx xxxxx your friends to get one.

- Thanks for watching, everyone.

So yes, thank you, thank you very much for watching. Hope you liked charliebots, I hope you buy one, and if you have any thoughts about him, then please do get in touch. Err, once again my name is Arty Bloch and...

- An anagram of Arty Bloch is: Charliebot.

I'm sorry, what did you just say? Oh, no, let me get him to repeat the last message.

- An anagram of Arty Bloch is: Charliebot...  You're one of us now, Charlie.

I'm a charliebot. Nooooo!!!!

You’ve just had the almost imponderable joy of watching charlieissocoollike, which makes you, like, cool!

Ah yea (!).

COMING OUT (the title)= Originally this expression is used for gay people who openly express their sexual orientation to everybody and the complete expression is "to come out of the closet". This title is, so, misleading, and Charlie hopes you will expect him to confess he's gay, so more people will feel curious and watch the video. But in recent times, this expression has also extended its meaning to include any shocking (or not so shocking) public revelation about your true nature.

SORT OF= More or less, a bit, kind of.
This phrase is very common in spoken English, to the point that it's very often used as a gap-filler, with no meaning at all.
- I went to London and, uhm..., there I sort of went to Victoria Station to catch my train to Poole, cause I was late, sort of.

BASICALLY= Essentially; in summary, put simple.

KEEPING FROM YOU= If you keep something from somebody, you don't let them know or see or have it.

FOR QUITE A WHILE= For a long time.

PERCEIVE= Experience.
The way you perceive me is the idea you have about me.

YOU KNOW= (conversational English) This phrase is just a gap-filler, it means nothing (but it's very useful to get an extra second to think of what to say next without pausing)

A WHILE= Some time.

STAGE= A phase in a process.

HONEST= Sincere, frank, truthful (who tells the truth).

CHOICE= Option, the ability or possibility to choose.

TO BE HONEST= (conversational English) We say this phrase at the beginning of a sentence to emphasize the idea that what we're going to say is true, though it may be difficult to believe.

NOTIONS= If you have no notions about something, you have no idea about it, you don't know or you can't understand at all.

ACTUALLY= In fact, in reality.

I DO WHAT I'M TOLD= (passive voice)  I do what they tell me to do.
In English, the passive voice can be formed by putting the direct object as the subject of the passive sentence (which happens in many other languages too) or even by putting the indirect object as the subject, which is a weird thing:
-active- They gave me a present / they tell me what to do
-passive dO- A present was given to me / what to do was told to me
-passive iO- I was given a present / I was told what to do.

CHIEF= Most important.

SPECULATED= If you speculate about something, you don't know what it is but you come up with different theories about it, none of which have been proved yet.

OVER THE YEARS= For years.

MACHINE= /məʃi:n/

BUDDY= (coll. esp. AmE) Friend, usually said with affection (used as a normal noun or as a vocative, to address someone):
- I'm going to have a beer with my buddies tonight.
- Hi buddy, what are you doing?

IN DEVELOPMENT= If something is in development, it is growing, expanding, improving, becoming more perfect or elaborated.

WAS AROUND= Existed.

SLIGHT= Very little; subtle.


REPURPOSED= Changed towards a different purpose. The purpose of something is the goal, the aim, the reason why it exists for.

JUMP CUT EDITING= (a phrase Charlie just invented). To edit a video is to modify it so it is ready to be published. During the editing process you may add special effects, improve or introduce audio, delete the wrong or unimportant parts, add an intro and an outro, add substitles, etc. Charlie's videos, after edition, typically consist of very short parts (each of one or a few sentences) that are joined together without the natural pauses in the middle, so he sounds like he doesn't need to stop to breathe but also, with every cut-and-join between fragments, Charlie's image suddenly changes positions, so there is a visual "jump" with every cut. The effect is not heavily used on this particular video but it is quite heavy in most of his videos.

A TECHNICAL ISSUE /ɪʃu:/= A problem or characteristic derived from the normal functioning of the system.

DEMONSTRATE= To show something through action. To do something to show what you mean. To explain something by doing it, so they can see how it works.

ONLY SO MUCH= There is a limit (usually small) to that:
- Charliebot can only say so much before it overheats (he can only say a limited amount of words and then he gets too hot and stops working)
- Sorry, we can only wait so much before we go (we can't wait for you forever, we can only wait for a limited period of time)
- It only takes so much to make him angry (he can get easily angry)
- This bottle can only take so much water, if you pour more into it, it will overflow (the capacity for this bottle is limited)
- There's only so much I can do (I can't do more than that, there is a limit for me)
- I can drink only so much beer (if I drink more than a certain quantity of beer, I get sick)
- There's only so much a person can take (everybody has a limit)
- After studying for a long time, there's only so much you can remember (you can only remember part of it, not everything, there's a limit)

OVERHEATS= Gets too hot, so it is damaged or destroyed.
The prefix "over-" means "in excess, too much".

PORGRAMME IN= (AmE "program in") Introduce into a computer by programming some instructions.

FREEZES= (coll. or computer language) Stops; gets blocked.

A PIECE OF CAKE= (coll.) Very easy.
- How was your exam?
- Oh, it was a piece of cake!

ENDED UP WITH= To end up with something is to get that result after a long process, so that is the consequence of all the previous stages.

BRAND NEW= Completely new.

WHATEVER= Anything, no matter what.

ANAGRAM= A word or words made using the letters of another word but in a different order.

SIMPLETON= A foolish or ignorant person.

NERIMON= A friend of Charlie's who also has a YouTube video channel. Sometimes they both made videos together or cameos on each other's videos.

IRON= /aɪən/ (AmE /aɪərn/) A metal (Fe)

RELEASING= If a company releases a new product, it becomes available so that people can buy it.

FAIRLY= Quite, rather.

DO GET IN TOUCH= Contact me.
The verb DO used in affirmative sentences is simply emphasizing the main verb.



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