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Dear future Charlie (Charlie Mcdonnell)
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Charlie is sending a video to his 30yo self in the future! What kind of things will he tell himself?


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What I’m doing today, Charlie, is I’m making this video as a kind of time capsule for you... or for myself, I guess. The idea being that I’m gonna make this video today, upload it to YouTube and then not watch it until my thirtieth birthday. So when I say ‘Charlie’ I am, in fact, directing myself to myself but 10 years in the future; to 30-year-old Charlie. ‘Hello 30-year-old Charlie, How are you doing?”.

Now, firstly, I know what you’re thinking, because I am you, you’re thinking ‘Oh my God, look at his hair!’. I realize that I need a haircut. I realize that I look like a bit of an idiot. I’m sure you’ve grown up now and you’ve trimmed yourself into something respectable. But no, I’m proud of being a little bit weird, and that’s just the way I was... or am.

The second thing, Charlie, is that uhm... I hope you’re not dead. A bit morbid, I know, but I couldn’t really help thinking about it. Just kind of imagining myself as a thirty-year-old led me on to kind of think, ‘oh, I’m gonna be fifty one day. Oh, I’m gonna be seventy one day. Oh, I’m gonna be dead one day’. So, yea, I hope you’re not dead. I’m just gonna assume for the purpose of this video that you’re not dead, and then move on.

So this is how I am currently, or this is how I was ten years ago to you. I’m here now in what to me is a brand new bedroom. Just moved into this flat in London like about three weeks ago. I just finished building this, which is the Wall of Stuff 2.0. I’ll show you around my bedroom just a little as well, let me just grab you.

This is my desk. Got some toys there, yes, I still keep toys. I wonder if I’ll still keep toys on my desk when I’m thirty. I hope so. That’s my fez, hiding up there in the corner. And remember that as well as having your own room you also had your own en-suite bathroom. Look at that. Pretty sweet!

Something almost as cool as having your own en-suite bathroom was you had your own flatmate, do you remember that? Here he is.
- hi
- It’s your flatmate. Remember him?
- I hope I’m not dead or anything, that’d be really awkward.
- I was just talking about that before.
- Oh, really?
- Yea. Do you think that we’ll still be friends in 10-years time?
- Uh... Yea, definitely, yea, like I didn’t even really questioned that.
- It’s if death could be anything to get us away.
- Yea, definitely, yea definitely.
- That’s why, things like that.
So that’s ++++, you’re roommate. Thanks a lot.
- That’s alright.

I’m still single, currently, which I’m sure you remember very well. I wish this could be more of a two-way conversation because I would really want to know if you have a wife or not. Is she hot as well? I better she’s hot. I mean, obviously more importantly, she better be witty and funny and creative and a joy to spend time with but, you know, she’d better be hot as well, I hope she’s hot.

It’s possible you’ll even have kids, which is weird. Actually, no. You wouldn’t have kids by the time you’re thirty, no thanks.

I’d really like to know what you’re doing as well, because at the moment this video-blogging thing, this is, or was, or maybe still is your job. I would hope at least you’re still doing the YouTube thing in some way or another because... it’s fun. You know, I know it’s fun, you know it’s fun.

You know, I can wonder all I want about my future but at the end of the day I think it’s more important just to focus on where you are. And where I’m right now in this kind of little time-bubble type thing, I’m happy, and in a very good place. Yea. You have food to eat, you have friends that you like, you have a job that you like and…you know, that was enough. So I hope that whatever situation you find yourself in now, 30-year-old Charlie, you still have the same simple things and... yea, that’s all I have to say, really.

Just to kind of wrap things up, you might remember John Green, I hope you’re still in contact with John. John is an actual 30-year-old and I asked him to give some advice to 30-year-old Charlie, and this is what he came up with. John Green, everybody!

- The good news is that you are still just getting started. You’re gonna watch this when you’re 30 and say to yourself, ‘oh my God, how these last 10 years have passed and look how old I look and everything else, but really, you’re still in the first half of the game, statistically. That’s all I have to say.

That was John Green. See you in 10 years, Charlie. Bye.

You’ve just had the almost imponderable joy of watching charlieissocoollike, which makes you, like, cool!

TIME CAPSULE= A small container filled with things (usually newspapers, coins, letters, etc.), sealed and hidden or buried somewhere so it may be found by people in the future and see those things from the past.

DIRECTING= Addressing.

HOW ARE YOU DOING?= (coll.) How are you?

REALIZE= To find out through a mental process.

TRIMMED= To trim your hair is to cut it just a bit, usually only the tips, but in informal English we can also use it simply to mean “cut” your hair (a bit or a lot). If you “trim into something respectable”, you cut your hair to have a respectable appearance.

WEIRD= /wɪə*d/ Strange.

MOVE ON= (opposite: stop and get stuck) Continue with this, or do something different.

CURRENTLY= At present.

BRAND NEW= Very new, completely new.

GRAB= Take with your hand.

FEZ= A man's hat from Morocco (see picture)

EN-SUITE BATHROOM= /ɒn sju:t/ A bathroom which is inside the bedroom (as opposed to a bathroom which is outside your room, often shared with other people)

FLATMATE= A person who shares your flat (AmE apartment), who lives with you.

AWKWARD= /ɔ:kə*wd/ Embarrassing, undesirable.

DEFINITELY= For sure, of course.

A TWO-WAY CONVERSATION= A conversation where two people speak and listen (as opposed to a one-way conversation, where one person only speaks and the other person only listens, so it’s not a real conversation but a speech)

HOT= If a person is hot they are very attractive.

WITTY= Intelligent, sharp.

A JOY TO SPEND TIME WITH= If somebody is a joy to spend time with, it is a joy to spend time with them, they are a very nice company.

ACTUALLY= We use this word very often to kindly correct a mistake or when you change your mind and say the opposite.

NO THANKS= I don’t want that.

AT THE END OF THE DAY= Everything considered.

FOCUS ON= Concentrate in.

WHATEVER= No matter what.

TO WRAP THINGS UP= To sum it up; as a summary.



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