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I'm a Renegade (Victor Chissano) (black)
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The film clip is a series of evocative images of landscapes and faces that cross territorial frontiers. The starting point is the lines of a poem, written and performed by Victor Chissano, a young singer right for this event.

Here we are
another story, another journey,
today, tomorrow on the flashlights tourney
A sand dune made of gold ,
passion assault
Time to forgive and never forget,
together, whatever in a golden jet set
Landing on the shores of a lake
and what I give is what I take.

Over the green my thoughts run so free
straight as an arrow and strong as a tree
I’ve got roots growing down the water
Hard steps are not alibi and it does’t matter.
Across a river and through a island
sky is the limit but skyline is my horizon.
I’m true , you are true, we are true,
It’s the rebel rendezvous.

My music is the wind
and my light is a fire
A never-ending path is what i desire.
As a King in a Castle my wheel is my muscle
Better run faster
power in a tunnel
I’m the lion and the master in my concrete jungle.
And you may say i’m a gambler
but you are wrong I’m the gamechanger.

Not a magician neither a wizard
thousand of skins more than a lizard
I don’t need a flag to be revolutionary
transforming the ordinary into something Extraordinary
Made for sharing without no compromise
Connected to my freedom
from sunset to sunrise
I draw my own lines with
no regrets and no lies
creativity never sleeps
so neither do I.

Now concentrate time to elevate
dont hesitate
Me, myself and I
it’s in my soul, I’m a Renegade.

Through evocative images and symbols, Victor personally relates his world, one in which he is a tree rooted in the water, a bird that lands on the shore of a lake, on a barrier-free and limitless voyage in which the only boundary is the sky and the only horizon is the skyline looming before him. This is how Victor identifies with the Renegade's spirit: "I am the one who turns the ordinary into something extraordinary. My music is the wind, and my light is a fire, I'm the game changer, the one who changes the rules of the game, the hero who turns the world into a true story made up of strength, courage, novelty, a desire to change. I'm a Renegade."

When the Jeep brand contacted the young singer, he accepted the challenge of writing this piece dedicated to the new Renegade, as the two have a free spirit, an ability to change the rules of the game and turn the ordinary into something extraordinary in common. These are the precise concepts that powerfully emerge from Victor's poetry in music, lyrics written during his latest summer trip: ten, twenty words every day, and always in a different place, following that instinct of discovery and adventure, wherever they hide.

And thus, in a natural manner, Victor coined the lyrics that express what he experienced on his exciting journey in close contact with nature. He left this place of the soul to return with a boost of energy to the "concrete jungle" that is the kingdom, the place where he loves to live and that he sings of in its swarming lights and sounds.



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