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Justin Bieber Fever (Charlie McDonnell)
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Some people think that Justin Bieber's fame has been pushed a bit too much over the top, and some people think you can never get enough of it. Here's another video by Charlie, one of my favourite English teenagers and the second most subscribed YouTube person in the UK as of June 2010. Enjoy.


Oh, hi there! Well, you've just caught me reading the latest edition of "celebrity spectacular", my favourite magazine in the world, but not really. You know that on the front there's a picture of Justin Bieber? the latest teen heart-throb pop star thing? In fact this magazine is almost completely dedicated to Mr Justin Bieber, he's obviously quite popular. And while I was flicking through it, uhm, one of the first pages that caught my attention was this quiz: "Do you have a Bieber Fever". So I've decided that I'm gonna try and find out. Let's see if I have Bieber Fever.

1- I have more than 15 posters of Justin on my wall
Uhm, well, I've actually only got 14, so I guess: No.
2- My friends and I know all of Justin's dance moves
Yea, I do, actually. Here's an example.
So, uhm, Yes to that one
4- I already have a Bieber birthday party planned for his special day, March 1.
Justin Bieber's birthday was on March 1? Oh man!, I missed it!
5- I tell people that my last name is Bieber.
- And what's your first name? - Ah, yes, Charlie. - And your last name? - Bieber. - Do you have any middle name, sir? - Uh, yea, I've got three, actually, uhm, I Love Him.
6- I spend several hours a day looking at Justin's YouTube videos.
I actually spend my time watching videos like this, so... No.

And apparently that leaves me with having a mild case of Bieber Fever. You totally dig Justin's sounds, but you're not totally obsessed with him yet. Although you think it would be awesome to meet him one day, you also love other celebs like Taylor La-La-Lautner. Taylor Lautner. Who is she?

Seriously though, I think this magazine is making a big mistake assuming that I have any kind of Bieber Fever at all. I mean, obviously the posters would tell you another story but, really, when it comes down to it, I just don't. Don't get me wrong, I mean, I haven't got anything against Justin Bieber. I mean, sure he looks really stupid in that hat that is obviously way too big for him. And he looks equally stupid doing that stupid hand heart sign. But really what I've learnt from this thing is that he seems like a nice guy, you know, he likes his mum and he's very grateful for his pop star lifestyle. But something that does scare me is what you can find in magazines like this. Let me give you a few examples:

- There's one page that has an obsession with Justin's smile: Justin's natural smile means he is having fun. Justin's deep in thoughts when he's biting his lip.
- There's another entire page dedicated to his hair. Justin's hair close-up. Justin makes the girls swoon with his signature hair flip. Personally I'm not attracted to Justin Bieber but even for people who are, I mean, I don't think that particular image is gonna make any girl swoon. I mean, you can't even see his face, and his face is the best bit in my opinion.
- True fans can still recognise J. under a hat or hoody. Ok, wait. Is this seriously implying that only a true fan can recognise Justin Bieber when he's wearing a hat or a hoody. You don't need to be a Justin Bieber fan in order to recognise his face. This last page basically insinuates that he's single, he's looking for love and that he would date a fan. Ohhhhh. I mean, this is the page that just wants to exploit the crushes that teenage girls have on Justin Bieber to the Nth degree and it just really... I don't know, it just makes me a bit sad more than anything.

If you have any thoughts on Beaber Fever or just kind of the notion of celebrity in general, let me know, because it's quite an interesting topic and I'd like to hear it from you. And I'll see you next time here on whatever this is that I'm doing with my time. Goodbye.

Errh, you've just had the almost imponderable joy of watching charlieissocoollike, which makes you like cool.

BUT NOT REALLY= We say this when we want to say that what we just say is not true.

YOU KNOW= A very common conversation filler. Natives use it a lot when speaking, but in reality it means nothing. You know, it's just a way of fill in the gaps with something more than silence, so you have one extra second to think about what you are going to say next.

JUSTIN BIEBER= A very famous Canadian teen pop singer. As a kid, he liked singing and posted some videos on YouTube. Usher (a famous American singer) discovered him there and helped him to be famous. (see him singing here: One time)

HEART THROB= If your heart throbs, it beats, so the man who can make your heart throb faster is called "a heart throb". It is usally a very handsome attractive sexy man who drives women crazy. A TEEN HEART THROB is a very sexy teenager (someone who is 13 to 19 years old).

POP STAR THING= In colloquial English we can use the word THING after another noun when we don't know the exact name of it or can't think of a name because it is not anything definite. It is also used in a derogative sense. For example:
- Can you give me that big brown thing? (thing = thing)
- What is that big car thing? (car thing = something that is a car or looks like a car, but not exactly. Or maybe it is just a derogative way of referring to that car.)

FLICKING THROUGH= If you flick through a book, magazine, newspaper, etc. you read it or simply look at it quickly or idly (without much interest).

CAUGHT MY ATTENTION= If something catches your attention you're suddenly interested by it.

QUIZ= A set of questions designed to find out something (for example your knowledge about a topic, or your personality, etc.)

FEVER= /fi:və*/ High temperature. Also used to refer to something that you find so exciting and desirable that you go crazy about it (for example: gold fever = a passion for finding gold in mines or rivers). So you have "Bieber Fever" if you are crazy about Justin Bieber.

GONNA= (col.) Going to.

I GUESS= (col.) I suppose, I think.

YES TO THAT ONE= The answer to that question is "Yes".

MARCH 1= Notice how we pronounce this: March the first (or "the first of March"). But we don't usually write the whole phrase, we just write "March 1" or "March 1st".

I MISSED IT= I wasn't there, I didn't have it, I couldn't experience it.

LAST NAME= Surname, family name.

MIDDLE NAME= If your father is John Brown and they called you Michael Angelo Brown, then Brown is your last name (family name), Michael your first name and Angelo your middle name. You are Michael Angelo.

A DAY= Every day. We use the article A to say how many things happen in a certain period of time:
- twice a day (two times every day)
- I can run four miles an hour (4 miles every hour)
- I make € 300 a week (I get € 300 every week I work)

ACTUALLY= In fact. We use this word very often when we want to contradict what somebody said in a polite way:
- Are you French? - No, actually, I'm Italian.
- Sorry, this is not for you. Actually, I bought it for my sister.

APPARENTLY= It appears that; as far as one knows; seemingly.

MILD= Not strong/serious, soft.

TOTALLY= (col.) very much (used to emphasize)
- Oh yea, I totally like it.
- She's totally the best one.
- Do you like it? - Totally!

DIG= (col. esp. AmE) Like a lot.

TOTALLY= Completely. Compare these two uses of Totally in the speech:
- You totally dig Justin's sounds = You like Justin music very much.
- You're not totally obsessed with him yet = You're not completely obsessed with him yet
(you are a bit obsessed, but not completely).

AWESOME= (col.) Fantastic, wonderful.

CELEBS= (col.) celebrities = famous people.

TAYLOR LAUTNER= A teen actor who became very popular due to his role in the trilogy Twilight (he played werewolf in the 2nd film). When Charlie says "Who is she" he's just pretending he has no idea who Taylor Lautner is to the point that he doesn't know if it's a boy or a girl.

SERIOUSLY THOUGH, = We use this phrase when we want to start talking seriously after joking or being sarcastic/ironic. THOUGH= But, nevertheless, although.

I MEAN, = (conversational English) We very often use this phrase when talking. It means nothing, it's simply a gap filler (see explanations for YOU KNOW above). We specially use it when we are going to be more specific or give more information about something so that you can understand better.

WHEN IT COMES DOWN TO IT= We use this phrase to emphasize that we are now very serious about what we're going to say.

SURE HE LOOKS...= Of course he looks... I very much agree he looks...

WAY TOO BIG= (col.) We can use WAY to emphasize TOO:
- A car is too expensive for me and a house is way too expensive.

HE LOOKS EQUALLY STUPID= He also looks stupid.

HAND HEART SIGN= The shape of a heart created by joining your two hands in a special way (see picture).

GUY= (col. esp. AmE but also used in the UK by young people) man, boy. (= BrE: mate, chap, fellow).

GRATEFUL= Thankful. If you're grateful for something you feel you are lucky for having that thing.

SOMETHING THAT DOES SCARE ME= When we use the auxiliary DO in an affirmative sentence, it is used to emphasize the main verb (does scare = really scares).

SCARE= If something scares you, you feel afraid of it.

CLOSE-UP= (in a movie or a photograph) A close-up is a very close image of something/somebody.

SWOON= To faint or to feel ecstatic, in rapture or overwhelmed due to a very strong positive emotion.

HIS SIGNATURE HAIR FLIP= To flip is to turn over, move or throw something up in the air with a quick strong movement. To flip your hair is to toss or turn your head quickly so that your hair moves. A hair flip is an instance of that action. His signature hair flip: a hair flip which is his most characteristic identification, like a signature.

THE BEST BIT= The best part (of him).

HAT= in this case it refers to a baseball hat (AmE), a cap (BrE).

HOODY= A kind of sweater with a hood (see picture).

We use "To + infinitive" or "in order to + infinitive" to express purpose, the second option being more formal:
- I used a big stone to break the window = I used a big stone in order to break the window.

INSINUATES= When you insinuate something, you don't say it directly, but let other people know or think about it (conscious or unconsciously).

SINGLE= Not married.

DATE= (esp. AmE) if you date a person, you go out with them as a boyfriend-girlfriend.

EXPLOIT= Make a profit out of something.

THE CRUSHES= If you have a crush on somebody (especially when you are under 30) you totally fall in love with him/her. A crush is a passionate feeling, usually sudden, and often transitory.

TO THE NTH DEGREE= Nth /enth/ is a mathematical symbol that means a very big number: 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th... Nth. So if you do something "to the Nth degree", you do it in an extremely intense way.

MORE THAN ANYTHING= If you think or feel in a certain way "more than anything", that is the best way to explain how you think or feel.

WHATEVER THIS IS= I don't know exactly what this is.

IMPONDERABLE= Immense, impossible to measure.

JOY= Happiness.

CHARLIEISSOCOOLLIKE= It's the nick of Charlie on YouTube, it means: Charlie is so cool-like. The "like" at the end doesn't mean anything; his mother Lindsay uses the nick "liliesarelike" (= lilies are like) so either he took the final "like" from his mother or she from him, a kind of family name.

MAKES YOU LIKE COOL= "Makes you more or less cool" (like: preposition) or "Makes you like cool things" (like: verb).
(based on "Charlie is so cool like" -- "like cool").


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