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My American accent (Charlie McDonnell)
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Here's Charlie again, this time trying to put an American accent to it, as funny and entertaining as usual. His southern American accent may not sound too correct, but his American fans certainly don't mind. This is what an American girl wrote on his blog:

your accent is awesome, Charlie!
To be honest, we DO sound like that, and i didnt even know that it could be so funny to actually hear the difference :)
Keep it up!

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It's time for another "Challenge Charlie".

Over the years of doing "Challenge Charlie", many, many, many of you have suggested that I spend a video trying to talk in my bestest American Accent, and last week, when I asked for challenge suggestions, the majority of you asked for me to speak with my best American accent: beauty4dollz, chibipawszz, justinbieberluver455, imlayinganegg, MJJunkie88, kielymarie79, alittlemind, leboredominc are just a few who suggested this challenge and now I'm finally going to do it, or, should I say, have already done it, because while I usually spend my weekends making a YouTube video, this weekend I was doing StickAid.

StickAid was a live 24hour-chat to try and raise money for the charity Unicef. So right in front of the crew of people that were working on StickAid and in front of the about 10,000 people who were watching the live stream, I got out my camera and made my video. So here I am on the set of StickAid trying for your enjoyment to speak in my best American accent. Here it is:

Hello, I'm at StickAid at the moment, as you can tell from my T-shirt and the echo, and I'm looking at a live chat at the moment and people who are hopefully going to suggest things for me to say quintessentially American things for me to say in my best American accent.

- I need some coffee (BrE)
- I need some coffee (AmE)... how was that?

- I need a glass of water... water.
- I need a cheeseburger.

I've never made a video that's kind of a laughter track before, so this is really ++++ for me.

- Oh my God!
- Squirrel... Squirrel. It doesn't sound like a word!... Squirrel.
- Dude! These waves are gnarly.
- Hey mum... Hey mom!
- How are you doing?
- Garage.
- Oh, come on, baby!
- Do you like waffles?
- Aluminium.
- Hey girl, hey!
- Oh man!
- Potato.
- Holler at your boy! ... how am I doing this one?... holler at y-yo... holler at your boy. what is this is... Holler at... no, that's not happening.
- Schedule. Is that right?
- I'm going to Disney World.
- Hey, I'm walking here.
- There's a snake in my boots.
- Oh no, you don't, girlfriend.
- Dude, that did not just happened!
- Tomato.
- How much wood would a wood-chuck chuck if a wood-chuck could chuck wood.
- Oh no, you didn't!
- Previously on Ugly Betty.
- Life is like a box of chocolates.
- You'll come back now! you hear?
- Get out of the way... just going mad now.
- That's all we have time for here on Charliessocoollike, I'll see you next time when I'm speaking normally.

StickAid itself was exhausting but absolutely awesome our target was ₤10,000 but by the end of that people had donated just under ₤20,000 so almost double what we had hope for. Thank you so much to everybody that came, even if it was just for a little bit, and also thank you so much to you, everybody who donated to Unicef. I'm gonna go now, but, uh, see you next week... or something, alright? bye.

You've just had the almost imponderable joy of watching charlieissocoollike which makes you like cool!

CHALLENGE= to ask someone to do something special, difficult or courageous to prove their worth.

BESTEST= (coll. AmE) Best.
In English you have good-better-best, but some people go even further (in a humorous and exaggerated way) to say good-better-best-bestest.

WHILE= Although.

LIVE= (on TV and radio) /laɪv/ something live is Broadcast while actually being performed; not taped, filmed, or recorded.
(of an audio recording) Recorded when the band was performing in front of people, not in a studio.

RAISE MONEY= Collect money for a project (usually charity or for a group activity such as students going on a trip, etc.)

CHARITY= A charity is an non-profit organization which helps people in need.

CREW= /kru:/ A group of people working together.

STREAM= On the internet, a stream is a fluid broadcast of something (audio or video) which can be seen on your computer in real time or at the same time it is being transferred to your computer (without buffering waiting time). In this case, Charlie refers to the chat they were producing (probably a voice chat).

THE SET= The place where a broadcasting (audio or video) is filmed/recorded, the studio or scenario where it takes place.

QUINTESSENTIALLY= In a quintessential way. Something quintessential shows quintessence, which is most typically representative of a quality, state, etc.

HOW WAS THAT?= Was it good? Did you like it?

DUDE!= (coll. AmE) // Man! (a colloquial way to address a man)
- Hi dude, how you doin'?= Hi man, how are you?

WAVES= A crest of water rolling on the surface of the sea (see picture)

GNARLY= (AmE slang) Fantastic, great.
The sentence "Dude! These waves are gnarly" is the kind of thing a Californian surfer would say.

MUM/MOM= In BrE you spell it "mum" and in AmE "mom", but the sound of both are the same due to differences of pronunciation for the /ʌ/ and the /ɒ/ sound in both accents.

HOW ARE YOU DOING?= (coll.) How are you?

WAFFLES= A piece of sweet confectionary (see picture).

HOLLER AT YOUR BOY= (black American English slang) Give me a call as soon as possible.

THAT'S NOT HAPPENING= I'm not going to do it.

SCHEDULE= The BrE pronunciation is edjəl/ and the AmE pronunciation is /skedjəl/.

THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPENED!= I can't believe what has just happened!

HOW MUCH WOOD...= A famous tongue-twister.

YOU DIDN'T!= (positive or negative, to express surprise at what somebody has done) Oh, really. Wow! / Oh no, look at what you've done!

PREVIOUSLY ON UGLY BETTY= "Ugly Betty" is a TV series based on the Colombian telenovela (soap opera) "Yo soy Betty, la fea". The words "Previously on..." are used at the beginning of a TV series episode to introduce a brief summary of what happened in previous episodes, so if you missed them you can still understand what is going to happen in today's episode.

LIFE IS A BOX OF CHOCOLATES= The complete expression is "life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get." (= in life, you must be ready for the unexpected). Umm.. well of course you know what you're gonna get --- Chocolates!
Actually, this expression comes from popular chocolate boxes containing different varieties of chocolate. Inside the boxes of chocolates are a bunch of different flavours, some have cherries inside, some coconut, some just solid dark chocolate... It can be annoying because some of those chocolates are super good and some are pretty gross, so you have to just take one and see what you get.

YOU'LL COME BACK NOW! YOU HEAR?= This is a typical threatening sentence said by a parent to their child = come back right now or else...

MAD= (BrE) Crazy.  (AmE= angry)

EXHAUSTING= Very very tiring.

AWESOME= Fantastic, great.

TARGET= Aim, goal, objective.

DONATED= If you donate, you give money (usually for charity)

GONNA= (coll.) Going to.

IMPONDERABLE= Impossible to assess/measure/count.

JOY= Happiness, bliss.

COOL= Fashionable; great.



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