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Poppy Day appeal (Australia)
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This Austrailian ad is trying to raise funds for the RSL, a charity organization which helps war veterans and the families of those soldiers who died on duty.

The organizers wanted to be so politically correct that they even created a male and female version of the ad. I posted the version with the female soldier, you can also check the version with the male soldier here.

Notice that everybody is wearing a plastic poppy on top of their hearts. That's the symbol of Remembrance Day and in some countries, like England, everybody's wearing a poppy on that day, and politicians, people on TV, etc. wear the poppy for the whole week.


- I'm not a hero, I'm a rugby league player.
- I'm not a hero, I'm a veteran who honours his lost mates.
- I'm not a hero, I'm a digger who serves my country.
- My dad's my hero, but he didn't come home. I wish he could take me to a game.
- Don't forget our countrie's true heroes on Remembrance Day.
Wear a poppy on November 11th and help the RSL devoted work in support of veterans serving men and women and their families.

LEAGUE= (for team sports) A series of organized competitions where different teams play all against all (two at a time) to decide which one is the best.

VETERAN= A soldier who has fought in a war.

MATES= (esp. BrE) Companions, colleagues (in colloquial BrE it also means "friends" and in the singular it is commonly used as the equivalent of the AmE expression "man": "hi mate, how are you?")

DIGGER= (coll. BrE: Australia & New Zealand) Soldier.

REMEMBRANCE DAY= (also called Poppy Day) November 11th (celebrated in the UK on the following Sunday), the day when we remember all the soldiers who died in WWI (= World War the First) and WWII and, in general, all wars.

POPPY= (see picture) The red flower which became the symbol of WWI (and so of Remembrance Day) because it was the only flower growing in the fields of Flanders after that November 11th (they grew up out of season because their seeds were disturbed by the bombings). In some countries, people wear a poppy on their lapel to commemorate this day and also to help finance the RSL association (that's what this video is promoting).


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