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Profile: Brad Pitt
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From Pitt the pinup to Brad the Dad - the A-List takes a look at the life and times of one William Bradley Pitt.

It’s hard to think of the phrase ‘sex symbol’ without picturing a certain member of the Hollywood A-List. He’s the man who flexed his pecs in Thelma and Louise back in 1991, and has had the girls queuing up ever since.

Brad Pitt’s one of the sexiest stars in the history of Tinseltown, with a string of hit movies and a well-publicized relationship with one of the world’s most beautiful women.

It seems like things worked out pretty well for the man from Oklahoma but despite moving so easily from the role of attractive scenery to heavyweight Hollywood player Pitt’s constant presence on the red carpet doesn’t mean that he’s motivated by awards alone.

The awards are, you know, uhm, they pick all the best, and if our number comes up, fantastic.

Instead, he’s become a high profile Hollywood philanthropist, who’s keen to use his star power launching charities like the Make It Right Foundation of New Orleans, which helped reconstruction work after Hurricane Katrina.

Then you see how little it takes to actually change the life of what a... not even a dent in our economy in any way and you’re wondering why we don’t have any more of a focus on that.

But it’s hard to ignore Pitt’s status as a sex symbol extraordinaire. Voted The Sexiest Man Alive by America’s People Magazine in 1995 and 2000 it’s not hard to see why Brad’s had his pick of top Hollywood talent. Following a string of high-profile girlfriends like Julianne Lewis, Pitt got engaged to Seven co-star Gwyneth Paltrow in the mid-‘90s before a well-publicized wedding to Friends star Jennifer Aniston hit the headlines in 2000.

But the press packs some scandal in 2005 when he was reported to be cozying up with his Mr. & Mrs. Smith co-star Angelina Jolie. And it wasn’t long before Brad and Ange became Brangelina. With his new partner, Pitt the Pinups become Brad the Dad plucking up a total of no less than six children.

I think it’s well-documented, I have six children, and so, it doesn’t get more ‘dramatique’ than that.

Whatever his image, it seems like Brad Pitt’s still got the power to keep turning heads.


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