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Ste and Kel fight back (Ste & Kel)
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These two cute guys from Manchester are kind of popular on YouTube and people like them. Well, not everybody. Some nerds leave very rude comments about them. On this video, Steve and Kelly respond to insults with a great sense of humour 'cause... "Now you're in their spell, Ste and Kel, and everything's swell, with Ste and Kel, they make you feel well when you are down and out".

Now you're in their spell, Ste and Kel, and everything's swell, with Ste and Kel, they make you feel well when you are down and out. They're Ste and, Ste and Kel. S-T-E A-N-D K-E-L. Ste and Kel.

I was Ste and Kel
ha ha ha
Hey YouTube!
It's cool.

We thought, because so many people leave these comments on our videos, that we'd go through a few in this video and show you some of the ridiculous things that people write. Because-- most of them are hate comments. That's not saying which you should send us hate comments.
No, please, don't. Please.
But they're the funniest ones. +++++ . This is first:

"How would seeing my face cause a hot chick who is tripping on ecstasy and hooking up with her brother to become obese?"

What does that mean?
How does that even make grammatical sense? If I... Skip back a few frames of our video, listen to me say that again, and- How does it make sense? Go back to school?

Ehm, "what's with the fat chick?"

Can I just point out on comments like these that most people that would leave these comments don't have videos up of their own, so they could be 32 stone with 5 chins and, and, a permanent residence at McDonald's, for all we know. I don't know, do you? Make pictures of yourselves when you leave these comments, please.

"r you guys like bro and sis?"

I don't know how many times we've said that in a video now. We are not brother and sister, we're not related, we are not married, we're not anything else.
How do we even look alike?
Have you not even seen the high difference? like, please...

"who cares if people hate you. you still look like brother and sister getting a little too intimate for the law to handle. get over it or reply to this message requesting a pack of razor blades"

I'm hurt.
Why would you even... That doesn't even make sense. Fact: we are not brother and sister. So how was it wrong? Just because you think we are doesn't mean we're not- we are -we're -what -brdrbrbrdrbrdrbrdr!
Just because we are, doesn't mean we're not
Just because we're not, doesn't mean we are, so get over it.

"the guy's a ----- and the girls a hippo."

Kelly, I did not know you had hooves. Why have you not been telling me?
You have hooves. You have hooves.
Only on my foot.
Wa-ha-ha-ha. Is that what you want? Tears? Is that what you want? *bumps* Ough!

"The girl is hated because she ate her entire family, and town. The guy is hated because he blow-dries his hair."

So what if I blow-dry my hair? Seriously?
So what if I ate my entire town and family?
Wait a minute!
ha ha

Kelly? Kelly? K- Noooo!
Mmm, Steven fresh!

For God's sake, Kelly, that is disgusting!
No eating me again!

"couldn't see anything because there was a rhino in the way"

Will you stop with the fat jokes! They're not original. I see no rhino!
ha ha ha
Someone tells this is wild life floating around in our set.

"the short dumpy one looks like meatloaf with tits... and the other—"
ha ha
Can you just let me say the ++ please?
ha ha

"and the other girl just +++ irritated me!"

ha ha ha
Hello, Meat Loaf.
I'm sorry but that one was funny.
ha ha
Like a bat out of hell I'll be gone when the morning comes

++ the other girl... the other girl just irritated me.
(it's you) You get it? 'Cause it's you!

On the other hand we do get really really nice comments and you make me smile every time I see them, so here are a few of the nice ones.

"kelly, youre gorgeous, steven youre hilarious... and gorgeous... and kelly, you're hilarious too."

ha ha. I know what you mean +++
You baffle me.
ha ha

"Ste and Kel are YouTube icons!"

Bow down to me, Kelly. Bow down to me. Bow down to me, Kelly. Bow down to me, Kelly. Ha ha.

"If you only have one subscriber left, it will be me"

Awww, thank you!
We're glad you like that. Yeah, well, yeah. Thank you.

+++ leaving the comments. I hope you like them.
Just because the ++ comments are funny, please don't write them.
We're not encouraging them.
Please, don't come up with new ++ ways to slack us off.
Is that everything? Stop scratching the door. Is that everything?
Ha ha, I want to go!
Leave us nice comments, please. They can be funny and nice.
They can, they can.
Even mix?

Stop it! Stop.

IN THEIR SPELL= Under their magical influence. Fascinated by them.

SWELL= (old fashioned) Cool, wonderful.

DOWN AND OUT= (slang) Pennyless, with no money, homeless.

GO THROUGH= Revise; analyse or study a series of things.

HATE COMMENTS= Comments insulting people or expressing hate in any way.

THAT'S NOT SAYING WHICH...= I don't mean that... (the use of "which" in this sentence is grammatically incorrect, it should be "that")

HOT CHICK= Attractive girl.

TRIPPING ON= Under the effect of a drug (in this case, "ecstasy").

HOOKING UP WITH= Having a sexual affair with

OBESE= Extremely fat.

SKIP BACK= Jump backwards (in this case: rewind the video, move backwards)

FRAMES= In a video, a frame is each of the still images that make up the apparent motion of the video.

WHAT'S WITH...?= (coll.) What's wrong with...? What's the matter/problem with...?

POINT OUT= Indicate or specify, explain.

WOULD= This modal verb can be used to express a habit in the past.

DON'T HAVE VIDEOS UP= "up" refers to the Internet. If you publish something on the Internet we say that you "upload it", and if you take something from the Internet to your computer we say that you "download it", so the Internet is UP, and we are... down.

OF THEIR OWN= In this case it means "of themselves" (= of their property or videos where you can see them)

32 STONE= (imperial measure) A stone is a unit of weight, used especially to express human body weight, equal to 14 pounds or 6.350 kilograms. When used as a unit of weight it usually takes no plural form.

5 CHINS= We have only one chin (the part of our face under our mouth), but if you are very fat your skin folds on your throat and it looks like you have 2 chins (we call that a double chin). So if you have 5 chins, you must be really really fat (I don't think you can have more than 2 or 3 chins anyway).

A PERMANENT RESIDENCE= If you have a permanent resident at a place, you always live there.

FOR ALL WE KNOW= With the information we have. (we use this phrase to express that we don't have all the information, so we have to draw a conclusion using only the data we have).
- We don't know anything about him. He could be a terrorist for all I know.

R YOU GUYS LIKE BRO AND SIS?= (coll.) R= are. YOU GUYS= plural form of "you". LIKE= more or less. BRO= Brother. SIS= Sister.

RELATED= If two people are related they are family in some degree.

LOOK ALIKE= Look similar.

TO HANDLE= To take care of it; to manage.

GET OVER IT= Forget about it; stop worrying about it; accept it and move on.

RAZOR BLADES= Used for shaving (see picture). But they can also be used for cutting your wrist and commit suicide, which is what the hate comment suggests.

I'M HURT= (emotionally) I feel bad.

HOOVES= (singular: hoof) The feet of some animals like horses, with no toes, just one hard horny piece (see picture)

WAIT A MINUTE!= We can use this expression when we just realized that we have just said something stupid or wrong.

FOR GOD'S SAKE!= Expression of shock or annoyance.

DISGUSTING= Nasty, revolting, horrible.

RHINO= Rhinoceros (see picture)

IN THE WAY= If something is in the way, it is in front of you, blocking your vision or your movement.

DUMPY= Short and fat.

MEATLOAF= A dish of meat (see picture). Meat Loaf was also the name of a famous rock singer (the song she sings after this is a piece of a song by Meat Loaf).

TITS= (coll. a bit rude) A woman's breasts.

YOU GET IT?= (coll.) Do you understand it?

GORGEOUS= Wonderful, incredible.

HILARIOUS= Very very funny.

BAFFLE= If you baffle me, I feel confused, perplexed.

BOW DOWN= To lower your head or body to express submission. You bow down before a king, for example.



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