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Supermarket of the future in China
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New design for Supermarkets in China. Do you think an idea this wild may catch up in other countries?

This service oriented supermarket in Sheng Yen City, China, has come up with an ingenious new way to make shopping easier for its costumers. The market installed train tracks on each of the store's five floors. Customers drive down the aisles in private cars selecting items as they go.




So far, shoppers seem to prefer this sit-down style of shopping. Customers say it's less stressful and more entertaining than walking around with a shopping cart. There is one major drawback, however: if you miss an item, you'll have to repeat the ride all the way through the store. Nevertheless, designers of the coaster-carts are hoping the idea will catch on around the world.

SERVICE ORIENTED= Giving priority to service.
In the same way you can make other compounds with "xx oriented" (with or without a hyphen). For example: a customer-oriented company (considering customers the most important thing), kids oriented building (thinking in the children's needs first), etc.

COME UP WITH= If you come up with an idea, etc. you bring forth, discover, produce or put it into practise (you make it real somehow).

INGENIOUS= Marked by inventive skill and imagination.

STORE (AmE) = Shop (BrE).

AISLE= /aɪl/ A passageway separating seating areas in a theatre, church, shop, etc.; gangway. (see picture)

SHOPPING CART (AmE) = Trolley (BrE) (see picture)

MAJOR= Most important.

DRAWBACK= Handicap, problem, disadvantage.

HOWEVER= Yet, on the other hand, still, nevertheless (all these conjunctions mean the same as BUT, but their grammar is different because BUT is a conjunction and creates complex sentences, but HOWEVER etc are free connectors, they don't create a complex sentence, they only express contrast between two simple sentences).
- I like it but it's too expensive = I like it. Howerver, it's too expensive.

ITEM= In this case, something you want to buy.

THE RIDE= The trip by car.

NEVERTHELESS= the same as HOWEVER (see above).

COASTER-CARTS= Shopping carts (see above) similar to those of a roller-coaster (see a roller-coaster).

CATCH ON= If an idea catches on, many people start doing the same.



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