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Thermoman - A couple of burgers (BBC)
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In this funny clip from "My Hero". George has had a rather large dinner! Not that you'd ever notice.....

- I’m home. I’m sorry about earlier. Well done for being top of the league.
- Well, I did it for you.
- I know. Mind if I put the light on?
- No, be my guest.
- Do you mind if I turn the light off again?
- No, no, no, no, come and sit down next to me. Quincy’s just finishing.
- George, what’s happened?
- Well, uhm, someone in the hospital has died, and Quincy thinks that it’s murder, so…
- No, no, no, no, no. What’s happened to you?
- Oh, oh, I... had a couple of burgers whilst you were out.
- How many?
- 831. They’re rather more-ish.
- I’ve only been gone an hour! Oh, well. At least we’ve got 831 plastic toys for the kids to play with.
- Plastic toys? Hmm, I bet we'll be seeing those again in the morning.
- Well, now that I’m number one and you’re back to your old self, I think tonight’s the night for a bit of ... love action.
- Be still my beating heart. George, you’re addicted.
- Look, sure I put on a pound or two. I can easily work that off in one mission. Just haven't sniffed one out for a while...
- What, not even that one?
- The so-called cold turkey riots continue around the world as forest fires have been started in over a dozen countries. Thousands have rushed to the scene just to inhale the smoke. So far, there has been no sign of Thermoman.
- Come on, George. Get to it.
- Yes, yes, lives are on the line. And they can always count on the best superhero in the universe.       There, you have to help me up. Upsie daisy. Oh, and say hello to Tyler when you see him. Haven’t seen him around for a while.
- Hello, master.
- Oh, there you are!

I'M SORRY ABOUT EARLIER= I'm sorry about what I did before or about what happened.

WELL DONE FOR BEING TOP OF THE LEAGUE= The phrase “well done for...” is used for congratulating someone. After prepositions and conjunctions we use –ING, so we say “for being”.

MIND IF I PUT THE LIGHT ON?= A short form for “do you mind if I...”, which is a common way of asking for permission.

BE MY GUEST= Go ahead, do it. A colloquial expression to give permission.

A COUPLE OF BURGERS= A few hamburgers. A burger is a place selling hamburgers, but in colloquial speech we often say "burger" as a short form of "hamburger". A couple is two things, but we often use "a couple of..." meaning simply "a few, not many".

WHILST= While.

MORE-ISH= (also “morish”) of food: addictive. A food that is moor-ish is something you can’t just eat one of, you feel a strong desire to eat more and more of it.

PLASTIC TOYS= In many burgers, if you buy a hamburger they give you a little plastic toy for children to play with (at least if you are a child).

I BET= I’m quite sure about it.

YOUR OLD SELF= Your usual personality. If you behave in a strange way and later you’re back to your old self, that means that you behave normally again.

BE STILL MY BEATING HEART= If you’re my beating heart you are the person I really love, the one who makes my heart beat fast. She uses this expression sarcastically, meaning that if he behaves so grossly, all the passion will be gone.

SURE I PUT ON A POUND OR TWO= Of course I got 1 or 2 more pounds (1 pound is about half a kilo, 1/2 kg).

A WHILE= Some time.

HAVEN’T SNIFFED ONE OUT FOR A WHILE= It’s been some time since I’ve known about a new mission (so I don’t know what to do to help people in need). To sniff is to inhale air through your nose in order to get smells. To sniff out is to find by sniffing (like when dogs discover the trail of an animal by sniffing).

SO-CALLED= Commonly called.

TURKEY= An animal (a large bird, but can’t fly) usually eaten at Christmas in the USA. (see picture). If you spell it with a capital letter, it refers to the country which is between Europe and Asia.

RIOT= A wild or turbulent disturbance created by a large number of people (turkeys in this case).

FOREST FIRES HAVE BEEN STARTED= They have started to make big fires in the forest. To control the turkeys? Or maybe the turkeys rioted because of the fires? or was it to heat the cold turkeys up? The conjunction AS (= while) is ambiguous here since we don’t have the context of the situation. We use the passive voice (have been started) because we don't want to say, or don't know, who started the fires.

THOUSANDS HAVE RUSHED TO THE SCENE JUST TO INHALE THE SMOKE= Thousands of turkeys have gone very quickly to the place where the fires are, and because of that, they breathed the smoke of the fires.
Again, JUST is ambiguous here. It can mean “simply” or “as a result”, so maybe the turkeys rushed there only because they wanted to breathe smoke, or maybe they rushed there to see the fire and once there, they were intoxicated with the smoke. We don’t know if the turkeys wanted the smoke or not. Another example:
- I waited at the station for 3 hours just to find out that I was waiting at the wrong station!
In this case it is obvious that I didn’t go there to find out I was in the wrong station (if I had known, I wouldn’t have gone there); on the contrary, I went there and later I realized my mistake (so it was an undesired result). Another example:
- He spent all these years working really hard just to have a heart-attack.

SO FAR= Up to this moment, until now.

THERE HAS BEEN NO SIGN OF THERMOMAN= Nobody has seen Thermoman. This word is a compound of THERMO + MAN = The man of fire. The word “thermo” is a Greek word meaning “heat” (hence “thermometer”, a tool to measure heat).

GET TO IT= Take care of it, deal with it.

LIVES ARE ON THE LINE= If something is on the line, it is at risk, in a dangerous position (see Anastacia’s song My Love is on the Line).

THEY CAN ALWAYS COUNT ON…= They can always trust...

UPSIE DAISY= Just a familiar expression meaning “Up!”

FOR A WHILE= For some time.


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