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Too many questions (Charlie) (Charlie McDonnell)
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Charlie McDonnell is trying to beat a record by answering more than 100 questions in 4 minutes.

You can play a challenging listening game with this video. Click here to download the activiy sheet in PDF format.

If you read the comments below here, you can learn a lot of contemporary vocabulary and cultural references because this video is really packed with them.

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In August 2009 my friend John Green set the Question Tuesday world record by answering 100 under 4 minutes. Today I'm gonna try and steal his crown by answering more questions than he did. So if you wanna know a little pointless facts about me, hopefully you'll enjoy this.
3... 2... 1... Go!
1- Ready?
- yes
2- What's your name?
- Charlie
3- single?
- yea
4- Age?
- 19
5- Favourite movie?
6- Mac or PC?
- Mac
7- Twitter or Facebook
- Twitter
8- Favourite animal?
- Orangutan
9- Superpower?
- Flight
10- Boxers or briefs?
- Boxer-briefs
11- Favourite food?
- Mac and cheese
12- Oranges or apples?
- Apples
13- University?
- Nope
14- Why not?
- Youtube
15- Youtube or TV?
- Youtube!
16- ++++ time again?
- The beginning of time
17- Shoe size?
- 8   [British 8 = European 42, about 26 cms)
18- Pick your nose?
- Sometimes
19- Biscuits?
- Digestive
20- Pirates or ninjas?
- Ninjas
21- Favourite game?
- Ocarina of Time
22- Favourite pizza?
- Pepperoni
23- Any friends?
- Yeah
24- What's your mum's name?
- Lindsay
25- Fry or Laurie
- Fry
26- Forget or protest?
- Protest
27- Season?
- Autumn
28- Digimon or Pokémon
- Pokémon
29- Middle name?
- Joseph
30- Alex Day or Nerimon?
- Alex Day
31- Height?
- 5'11"
32- Favourite musical?
- Dr. Horrible
33- Yes or no?
- Yes
34- Yes?
- Yes!
35- Favourite shirt?   [T-shirt]
- This one
36- Pineapple on pizza?
- Yes!
37- In or out?
- Out
38- Having fun?
- Yes
39- How do you like your ++++
- Nonexistent
40- Bath or shower?
- Shower
41- Red or natural?
- Natural
42- Regrets?
- This      [changing is hair colour]
43- Sonic or Mario?
- Mario!
44- Lick your elbow?
- No
45- Nose?
- No
46- Cheese?
- Cheddar
47- Favourite shop?
- Apple store
48- Stupidest thing you've ever done?
- This
49- Tea or coffee?
- Tea
50- Do you love tea?
- Yes
51- Favourite insect?
- Ants
52- Hate anything?
- Moths
53- Biggest fear?
- Moths
54- How do you get up early?
- This
55- Stuffed animal?
- This
56- Ever been to Europe?
- I live in Europe!
57- Body part?
- Brain
58- What you gonna do in 5 minutes?
- Edit
59- Sugar?
- No, thanks
60- Worst movie?
- The Room
61- Movie quote?
- Uh... Hi, Mark!
62, 63, 64- Favourite mug, star sign, shampoo?
- This, Libra and this.
65- Can you scream?
- YES!
66- Why did you do that?
- Well, you asked
67- First pet?
- Cat
68- Siblings?
- Two
69- Can you wink?
- Yup
70- Disney Princess?
- Ariel
71- Dream date?
- Amy Pond
72- Questions or answers?
- Both
73- Marry me?
- No, thanks
74- Secret obsession?
- Lionel Richie
75- What!
- What?
76- How many teeth?
- 30
77- Toes or fingers?
- Fingers
78- Favourite present?
- Play Station 1
79- Favourite sound?
- [*sucking palm sound*]
80- Ever kissed an animal?
- A dog
81- Innie or outie?
- Innie
82- What's the time?
- Chico time
83- What day?
- Tuesday
84- How many train tickets?
- 214
85- Train or cars?
- Trains
86- Favourite accent?
- Irish
87- What's your ++++ tonight?
- Lemsip
88- Got milk?
- Yup
89- Milk or orange juice?
- Orange juice
90- Breakfast?
- Toast and tea
91- Ticklish?
- Yes
92- How many hats?
- 7
93- Ice-cream flavour?
- Vanilla
94- Favourite Teletubby?
- Po
95- Favourite band?
- This    [The Beatles]
96- Favourite place?
- Bed
97- Ambition?
- Direct a film
98- Multiverse theory?
- Love it
99- Crocks?
- Yuck!
100- Past of future?
- Future
101- Can you say "page"?
- Page
102- Will you go to prom with me?
- Yea, alright
103- Smoke?
- Nope
104- Drink?
- Nope
105- Ken or Barbie?
- Ken
106- Favourite book?
- This    [Bart Simpson's Guide to Life]
107- Skinny or bootcut?
- Skinny
108- Favourite comedian?
- Tim Minchin
109- How are you?
- Tired
110- You drunk?
- No!
111- Gender?
- Male
112- Vans or converse?
- Vans
113- Favourite word?
- Yes
114- Religious?
- Nope
115- Hungry?
- Yea
116- Cereal?
- These    [Sugar Puffs]
117- Favourite number?
- 0
118- New York or London?
- London
119- Boys or girls?
- Girls
120- Clink?
- No!
121- Favourite king?
- Henry
122- Left or right?
- Left
123- Up or down?
- Down
124- Good at Tetris?
- Very
125- Video editing?
 - Final Cut Pro
126- Toothbrush?
- This
127- Vegetable?
- Potatoes
128- Floss?
- No
129- Vacation?
- Mars
130- Flying?
- aurgh!
131- ++++?
- oorgh
132- TV show?
- Dr Who
133- Darwin?
- Love him
134- Scientist?
- Darwin!
135- Cats or dogs?
- Cats
136- Socks or barefoot?
- Socks
137- Favourite instrument?
- Ukelele
138- First instrument?
- Recorder
139- Favourite meme?
- Who are you?
140- Who are you?
- Charlie
141- First crush?
- Billie Piper
142- Do you fancy Billie?
- Not any more
143- We're there yet?
- Almost
144- Is this a question?
- Yes!
145- What's that smell?
- The smell of victory!
146- You happy?
- Yes
147- Should this end?
- Yes
148- How did you do?
- Better than I anticipated

Seriously, I've filmed all of those questions thinking, "that's gonna be way more than 4 minutes so I'm not going to need all of them", but apparently I'm better at this than I thought I was. 148 questions in 2':25". Hoo da man?

So of that is safe to say that I now hold the Question Tuesday world record. How about that?

Thank you to the people who were kind enough to leave all of those questions with its comments on my website and if anyone else wants to ask me a question then... please don't because I'm not going to answer it. Too many questions today!
End of the video.

You've just had the almost imponderable joy of watching charlieissocoollike, which makes you like cool!
Who are you? Who are you? Who are you? Who are you?

Click here to download the activiy sheet in PDF format.

JOHN GREEN= One of the two "VlogBrothers". John Green and his brother Hank ran a video blog project called Brotherhood 2.0. The original project ran from January 1 to December 31, 2007, with the premise that the brothers would cease all text-based ("textual") communcation for the year and instead converse by video blogs, made available to the public via YouTube (where they are known as the "vlogbrothers") and on their Brotherhood 2.0 website. After the end of that period they decided to continue vlogging (posting little videos on YouTube), since they had become some of the most successful vloggers on the net.

QUESTION TUESDAY= Every so often John Green takes on "Question Tuesdays" (that can really be on any day of the week) where he answers some of their commenters' questions on YouTube.

UNDER 4 MINUTES= In less than 4 minutes.

TRY AND= In colloquial English we often use "try and do something" instead of "try to do something":
- Try and open the door with a credit card, maybe you can = Try to open the door...
You can also use this construction with WAIT:
- I'll wait and see what happens = I'll wait to see what happens.
And also with some verbs of movement: come, go, stay, hurry, etc.
- Go and see your father = Go to see your father
- I'm gonna stay and make you company = I'm going to stay to make...
In American English, AND may be dropped with these verbs:
- Go tell your daddy = Go and tell your daddy = Go to tell your daddy
You can only use this construction with the base form of the verb (try, wait, go...), not with other forms (tried, waited, went...)

CROWN= A crown may be a symbol of power (the king's crown) or a symbol of triumph (a Greek athlete's laurel wreath or crown, symbol of victory: see picture), so if you steal somebody's crown you are the next number 1.

WANNA= (col.) want to.

POINTLESS= Unimportant, senseless.

HOPEFULLY= I hope...
- Hopefully you'll enjoy this = I hope you'll enjoy this.
- Tomorrow will hopefully be shiny = I hope tomorrow will be shiny.

WALL-E= A 2008 film about a robot of the same name by Pixar Animation Studios.

MAC OR PC?= Do you prefer Apple computers or compatible computers (designed by IBM or compatible with them)

TWITTER= A social networking site where people can only post a couple of lines at a time to say what they're doing or thinking at the moment.

FACEBOOK= A social networking site which allows for longer posts and other media stuff.

BOXERS= A kind of male pants (AmE underwear) fitting at the waist but loose everywhere else (see picture)

BRIEFS= A kind of male pants (AmE underwear) short and close-fitting (see picture)

BOXER-BRIEFS= A mixture of both boxers and briefs, resulting in a close-fitting boxer. (see picture)

MAC AND CHEESE= (col.) Macaroni and cheese.

NOPE= (col.) No.

PICK YOUR NOSE= Insert the tip of one finger inside your nose.

BISCUITS= (AmE) cookies

DIGESTIVE= A British semi-sweet kind of biscuit which is simply delicious :P

PIRATES OR NINJAS= A comedic Internet and gaming meme [common topic of discussion] regarding a theoretical conflict between pirates and ninjas, generally including arbitrary "debate" over which side would win in a fight. The meme and has a long history on the internet.  Several competitive web sites and games based upon the ninjas vs. pirates theme later appeared, including Pirates vs. Ninjas Dodgeball. [yea, some people get really bored]

OCARINA OF TIME= The fifth game in The Legend of Zelda series.

FRY OR LAURIE= Fry and Laurie are Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie, a successful English comedy double act mostly active in the 1980s and 1990s.

FORGET OR PROTEST= To protest something is to formally object to it or oppose it strongly. Since Charlie is a fan of the TV series "Dr Who", this dilemma may be drawn out of the series, where humans who discovered the alien spaceship were allowed to choose between forget (their memory was wiped out so they couldn't remember having seen it) or protest (refuse to have their memory tampered and face the consequences). But now people can say "forget or protest?" in a certain unconfortable situation meaning "would you prefer to ignore it or to accept it and fight the consequences".

DIGIMON OR POKÉMON= Two kinds of monsters found in cartoons, video games, toys, etc but belonging to different media franchises. Both appeared at a similar time (late '90s) and have been rivals and constantly opposed. Pokémon is the most worldwide spread but Digimon has the most faithful fan base.

MIDDLE NAME= Some people have a compound first name; in that case, the second name is the middle name.
John David Smith = John (1st name) David (middle name) Smith (surname or family name)

ALEX DAY OR NERIMON= Alex Day (born April 8, 1989) is a British New Media celebrity, singer and songwriter. He appears regularly on his popular YouTube channel "Nerimon", and has been featured on several other YouTube channels and BBC television shows. His YouTube channel has recently been renamed into "Alex Day" and he and Charlie McDonell are personal friends.

5'11" = 5 feet, 11 inches = 1'80 metres

DR HORRIBLE= Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog is a 2008 musical tragicomedy short film produced exclusively for Internet distribution. It tells the story of Dr. Horrible, an aspiring supervillain; Captain Hammer, his nemesis; and Penny, their mutual love interest.

NONEXISTENT= If something is nonexistent it doesn't exist. I don't understand what he says in the question but, for instance, if you answer "nonexistent" to the question "what kind of problems do you prefer?", you mean that you prefer no problems at all (the question is tricky because it's forcing to choose a kind of problem, but this answer lets you out of the dilemma)

SONIC OR MARIO?= The two most famous video game heroes. Sonic is the star of Play Station games (Sony) and Mario is the star of Nintendo games.

MOTHS= Insects that look like butterfly but have no colours and come out in the night (and they eat your clothes).

STUFFED ANIMAL= A dead animal whose inside is emptied and filled with sawdust or similar to maintain their natural aspect and prevent from decaying.

EDIT= He refers to editing the video he's recording at the moment.

THE ROOM= An independent film from 2003.

HI MARK= This quote is from the film "The Room". You can watch here the fragment of the movie where this quote has been extracted.

SIBLINGS= Brothers and/or sisters.

WINK= Close just one eyelid to convey a message, signal, etc.

YUP= (col.) Yes. You can also say "yep", and the opposite is "nope".

ARIEL= The main character in Disney's movie "The Little Mermaid".

DREAM DATE= Your dream date is the boy/girl you would like to date (be boyfriend-girlfriend) but it's not possible (usually because they are celebrities).

AMY POND= Amelia Jessica "Amy" Pond is a fictional character portrayed by Karen Gillan in the long-running British science fiction television series Doctor Who. Amy is the current companion of series protagonist the Doctor, in his eleventh incarnation.

LIONEL RICHIE= A famous American singer from the 80's

INNIE OR OUTIE= (col.) If your navel (belly button) is sinking inwards (as most people's) you have an innie, if it's sticking outwards you have an outie.

CHICO TIME= "It's Chico Time" is the first single by The X Factor contestant Chico. Chico performed the song on the show on 19 November 2005. It is the only time that a contestant has performed an original song in the live stages of the show. It was released in the UK on 27 February 2006 and entered the UK Singles Chart at #1 on 5 March 2006 toppling Madonna's hit Sorry and staying for two weeks at the top of the chart.

LEMSIP= A trademark medicine for cold and flue with lemon flavour.

TICKLISH= If you are tickly it is easy to make you laugh when tickling you. To tickle is to touch, stroke, or poke (a person, part of the body, etc.) so as to produce pleasure, laughter, or a twitching sensation.

TELETUBBY= A British TV series for little children. The teletubbies are big fluffy babies looking like dolls and they have long and intelligent conversations such as:
- Hello
- He, he, he
- Ooooh!
- Po likes it, ha ha ha.

(little kids love it though :)
Here is what Wikipedia says about Po:
Po (played by Pui Fan Lee) is the fourth and last Teletubby. She is the smallest and youngest of the Teletubbies, is red, and has an antenna shaped like a stick used for blowing soap bubbles. Her favourite object is her scooter, which she calls "scoota" (she also calls it "Po 'cooter!", or just "cooter"). Po can sometimes be mischievous and naughty, as when she disobeys the commands of the "voice trumpets". She has been stated by the show's creators to be Cantonese, and as such, she is bilingual, speaking both English and Cantonese. Although many are unsure of Po's gender, or consider her to be male[citation needed], she is clearly referred to as female in several episodes, such as in the episode "Dad's Portrait". Many refer to her as "he" even though it is "she" (the same happens with Laa-Laa).

MULTIVERSE THEORY= The hypothetical set of multiple possible universes (including our universe) that together comprise everything that physically exists:

CROCKS= Extremely ugly shoes with holes in them that are apparently very comfortable. (see picture)

CAN YOU SAY PAGE?= This question is probably trying to get him pronounce the diphthong /eɪ/ because they think his accent is funny (so the person posing the question is probably American, since English people pronounce that diphthong with the mouth more open than American people)

PROM= (AmE) Promenade = A formal dance held for a high-school or college class typically at or near the end junior and/or senior academic year. You go to prom with the boy or girl you like (or at least you try to), so it often is the beginning of a date, if you're not already dating.

KEN OR BARBIE= Barbie is a skinny posh doll who looks like she's never had anything to eat since she was 5 and drives girls around the world so crazy that most of them want to look so skinny as her and spoil everything (alternatively they became anorexic and then it gets really serious). Ken is his boyfriend and he looks like he lives in his convertible and spends all his time driving along the beach or resting in Hawaii. [yea, you can tell I love them]

SKINNY OR BOOTCUT= Two different kinds of jeans. Skinnies are very close fitting, sticking to your legs from top to bottom. Bootcuts have wider legs at the bottom, so if you were boots they'd be covered inside the jeans legs. (see skinnies, see bootcuts)

DRUNK= Intoxicated because you've drunk too much alcohol. YOU DRUNK? = Are you drunk?

VANS OR CONVERSE= Two different kinds of trainers, vans are low (see picture) and converses are high (see picture).

HENRY= He refers to Henry VIII because he was the most famous king, so he doesn't need to specify the number. He was so nice that he married 6 different wives and killed everyone (except the ones that died without help).

TETRIES= A simple video game that looks stupid but is addictive and now a classic.

FINAL CUT PRO= A video editing software (PRO means "professional edition" and it's commonly used in software names.

FLOSS= To floss is to use dental floss (a kind of thin plastic thread) to clean the space between your teeth after brushing them.

VACATION= This word is American (British people, like Charlie, say Holidays), so the original question comes from an American fan.

MARS= He either means that his favourite vacations are in the month of Mars (half term holidays), or that his favourite place to spend his holidays would be Mars, the planet. Ehmmmm... probably the first.

DR WHO= A very famous British television series which has been on air since Roman times at least but still has lots of viewers, specially Charlie, who seems really fond of it. You can see a fragment of this series here: Dr Who, the end of time.
Doctor Who is a British science fiction television programme produced by the BBC. The programme depicts the adventures of a mysterious and eccentric humanoid alien known as the Doctor who travels through time and space in his spacecraft, the TARDIS, which appears from the exterior to be a blue 1950s British police box. With his companions, he explores time and space, faces a variety of foes and rights wrongs. The programme is listed in Guinness World Records as the longest-running science fiction television show in the world, and as the "most successful" science fiction series of all time. The show started in 1963 and is still a significant part of British popular culture and has heavily influenced later sci-fi movies and series such as Star Trek.

BAREFOOT= If you are barefooted you have nothing on your feet, you're wearing neither shoes nor socks.

RECORDER= A kind of flute (see picture)

MEME= /mi:m/ (Psychology) an idea or element of social behaviour passed on through generations in a culture, esp by imitation. But on the internet we use "meme" referring to any imge, story, blog, video or whatever gets viral and widely known. So Charlie's favourite meme is "who are you?" (no idea, maybe that's the title of a very famous video or joke circulating the Internet at that moment, since Internet memes come and go so quickly)

CRUSH= If you have a crush on somebody you are usually a teenager and fall desperately in love with that person, at least for a few days. If you have a more serious crush then maybe you are truly in love.

BILLIE PIPER= A very beautiful British pop singer. But I don't think Charlie had a crush on her because of her music, she had a crush on her because for two years she was the companion of Dr Who on Charlie's most favourite TV series. I think Charlie had or has a serious crush on Dr Who series anyway.

WE'RE THERE YET?= Have we succeeded (they're trying to finish all the questions in less than 4 minutes, remember?). As you can see, this question should have an inversion, but in colloquial speech you can make questions without inversion if you want.

BETTER THAN I ANTICIPATED= The results are better than I expected (I thought I wouldn't get such good results). If you anticipate something, you think that is going to happen in the future.

WAY MORE= In colloquial English we often use "way" to emphasize comparatives and "too", e.g: he's way too old for me. That's way bigger than mine. My house is way more expensive than this one.

APPARENTLY= So it seems. It looks like it.

HOO DA MAN?= (slang, originally black English) literally: "who's the man?", meaning "who is the best?", that is, "I'm the best!" (it's not necessary but you can give an answer to acknolege their triumph and say: "you da man")

HOW ABOUT THAT?= A common expression meaning both "Isn't it wonderful?" and "What do you think about it?" at the same time.

IMPONDERABLE= Immense, impossible to measure.

JOY= Happiness.

CHARLIEISSOCOOLLIKE= It's the nick of Charlie on YouTube, it means: Charlie is so cool-like. The "like" at the end doesn't mean anything; his mother Lindsay uses the nick "liliesarelike" (= lilies are like) so either he took the final "like" from his mother or she from him, a kind of family name.

MAKES YOU LIKE COOL= "Makes you more or less cool" (like: preposition) or "Makes you like cool things" (like: verb).
(based on "Charlie is so cool like" -- "like cool").



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