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American vs British English: the tongue match (John Dkar)
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Professors Troy and Steve will pronounce some professions to compare American and British accent.



On this video we can find 3 of the 4 most important differences between American and British pronunciation using professions as an example:

1- R    
British English only pronounces the R when it is followed by a vowel, American people pronounce it always:

TEACHER: AmE /ti:ər/  BrE /ti:ə/  (usually pronounced /ti:ʌ/, see point 2)

FARMER: AmE  /fɑ:rmər/  BrE /fɑ:mə/ (but we would say "farmer and wife" /fɑ:mər ən waɪf/ because in this case the final R in "farmer" is followed by a vowel in the next word).                  

2- Final shwa  /ə/
In British English, if there is a final /ə/ before a pause, then we open it more and it sounds more or less like /. This may happen in AmE but not usually (besides, the British final schwa most of the times corresponds to an American schwa + R, so it's not final and can't open anyway).

LAWYER:  AmE  /lɔ:jər/   BrE /lɔ:jə/ (usually pronounced  /lɔ:jʌ/ )

ENGINEER: AmE /enɪnɪər/  BrE /enɪnɪə/

But if the /ə/ is not before a pause, we don't open it: one lawyer (/lɔ:jʌ/) ,two lawyers (/lɔ:jəz/

3- O    
The British vowel O /ɒ/  is pronounced in America like /ɑ/ (like in "car" /kɑ:/ but short). That's why Troy asks "is there an A in 'doctor'? It's "dOctor", it's an O".

DOCTOR: AmE /dɑktər/    BrE /dɒktə/  (usually pronounced /dɒktʌ/, like all the other words ending in swha /ə/). You can also notice this difference when they pronounce EVERYBODY.

4- T
The other big difference between both accents is the pronunciation of the T when it goes between vowels. But this is not on this video, so if you want to read about this and all the other differences, check this link to our phonetics section: British English vs American English.

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