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Are you married? (Real English) (& BrE)
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Real English - lesson 11: Are you married?


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THE STATES= USA (The United States of America)

I MAY KNOW= perhaps I know. MAY is an auxiliary expressing possibility.

THAT’S TOO BAD= I’m sorry about it / That’s bad luck.

STILL WITH FEELINGS FOR THE LAST= I still feel something for my last wife (I still love her)

WHAT DO YOU DO FOR A LIVING?= what’s your job?

LEISURE= BrE /leʒə/, but in AmE (here) it's /li:ʒər/. It means something like "free time". Leisure studies is a branch of the social sciences related to free time activities.

ENGAGED= when you have a girlfriend/boyfriend and you have already decided that you’re going to get married.

KIDS= children (coll.)

KIND OF SPEND TIME= The phrase "kind of" means nothing, it’s a gap filler, the type of things we use when we are still thinking what to say (like, "you know", "err..", "well..."). It is also used to express the idea "more or less": "it’s kind of big" (it’s more or less big, but not really big).

WHATEVER= it is sometimes used with the meaning of "similar things".

SOMEDAY= in AmE "someday" is an adverb meaning "sometime". In BrE we always write it as two words "some day".

COLOR= the pronunciation is HUT+SCHWA (see the section of phonetics). In BrE we spell it COLOUR.

HOW DARE YOU ASK ME!= The verb "dare" is a special verb (like auxiliaries, to be, have, must, etc.) so it is followed by infinitive without TO. This sentences means "you’re cheeky, you shouldn’t ask me that question", showing disapproval and anger (though here she’s just pretending she’s angry, but she’s not).

MORTGAGE= the money you pay every month to the bank because it lent you money to buy your house.

COOL!= Fantastic! (It is very used in colloquial English, esp. in AmE)

I’M GOING TO LUNCH= we would usually say "to have lunch". "Lunch" is normally used as a noun, not a verb. So in this sentence, LUNCH is a noun, and the construction is like when we say "I'm going to Paris"

BORN AND RAISED= I was born here and grew up here. To raise children means to take care of them as they grow, to bring them up. But the verb "raise" is more commonly used to talk about animals.

A CAB= a taxi

HECK, NO!= The word "heck" is used to emphasize the words "yes" and "no", and it is used to avoid the original word "hell", which is a bit of a swear word (a bad word). So "heck, no" is a strong but nice way of saying "hell, no!".



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