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Daily English Conversation | Lesson 81 - 85 (FukEn)
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English conversation with subtitle ♡ Lesson 81 ➤ 85
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Betty, are you and John still dating?
Yeah, things are going really good.
Where did you meet him?
We were sitting at the same table and he asked to borrow my pen.
Wow, that’s a nice story.
I was telling Jim about it the other day. He thought it was pretty romantic.
Do you two have plans for tonight?
Yes, I think we’re going to rent a movie. Have you seen anything good lately?
I saw Spider-Man the other day.
I’ve heard that’s a really funny movie.
Are you kidding? That movie’s not funny. It’s sad. I was crying at the end.
You’re really sensitive, aren’t you?
I guess so. Maybe that’s why I can’t find a girlfriend.
Hi Peter, can I talk to you for a moment. I just heard the cookie factory downtown is going out of business.
Where did you hear that?
Sara told me.
I’m not sure that’s true. I haven’t heard anything about it.
She said that they have already started to lay people off.
Doesn’t your father work there?
Yes, I’m really worried he might get laid off, he just started to work there about three months ago. What do you think I should do?
I’d talk to your father.
Yeah, but if there was something wrong I don’t think he’d tell me. He doesn’t like to upset me, but I really would like to know what’s going on.
So what are you going to do?
Aren’t you good friends with the president of that company?
Yes, we use to work together at a different company about five years ago.
Maybe you could call him and see what’s going on.
Well, I don’t know. I guess I could. It’s pretty late now, but I’ll call him in the morning.
OK, thanks so much.

Lesson 83: I’M GETTING FAT
Wow, I’m really getting fat.
You don’t look fat.
Yes, but I am. I’ve gained 10 pounds in the last two months. Look at my stomach.
How much do you weigh?
I think about 170 pounds.
What kind of foods do you eat?
I usually have pasta for dinner. Sometimes I get take-out or fast food if I don’t have enough time to cook.
I was reading a diet book the other day. It said that if you eat meat and nothing else, you’ll lose weight quickly.
Wow, does that work?
I don’t know, but someone told me they tried it and lost 20 pounds.
That sounds good, but I’m not sure how long I could do that.
I know, once you start eating vegetables and bread again you’ll probably start gaining weight.
Well, I think I’m going to try it anyway. Who’s the author?
I can’t remember. It’s not that popular anymore. When I get home I’ll check and give you a call.
Hi Sarah, it’s James.
Hey James, I can’t talk now. Can I call you back later?
Sure. Is there a problem?
I’m late for work and my car isn’t working, so I need to find someone to take me to work.
I can take you.
Oh, really? Thank you. That would help a lot.
Do you need me to pick you up after work also?
Yes, if it’s not too much trouble.
It’s no problem. I’m leaving my house now. I’ll be right there.
OK. I’ll wait for you in front of my apartment building.
Do you know what’s wrong with your car?
I’m not exactly sure. I think there’s a problem with the engine.
OK, I’ll have a look when I get there. I know a lot about cars. When I was younger my father and I use to fix old cars.
Hey, what have you been doing today?
Nothing, just watching TV. I’m really bored. I don’t have anything to do.
I don’t have anything to do either. I didn’t do anything today except clean my house.
I know. I was planning to go to the mall today with one of my friends, but it snowed so much we couldn’t go anywhere.
I hope it snows all night because I don’t want to go to school tomorrow.
Do you know anyone who has a camera? I want to take a picture of all this snow.
No, I don’t know anyone who has a camera.
Have you seen Sara today? I think she might have one.
No, she hasn’t been around all day. She said she had something important to do today?
Oh, where did she go?
Nobody knows. I called her roommate and she doesn’t know either.



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