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What are the Americans like? (stereotypes) (Real English)
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Real English - lesson 13: What are the Americans like?


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WHAT ARE THE AMERICANS LIKE? = This is asking for a description of the American people’s personality. LIKE here is a preposition of comparison. Notice the difference in these constructions:
- what is your father like- he’s nice (asking for description of personality)
- what does your father look like- he’s tall (asking for physical description)
Notice also that questions beginning with Wh-words have a falling intonation.

LOUD- a loud person is someone too outgoing, too self-confident, who expresses their opinion in a very strong way and may also be eccentric and pushy. A negative word.

WARM-HEARTED= with a warm heart, that is, loving, who treats you kindly and caringly.

OUTGOING- extrovert, very sociable and friendly.

PUSHY- someone who tries to get everything they want, without caring for other people, and constantly demand other people’s attention.

SELF-CONFIDENCE= with a lot of confident in themself

(note: for neutral singular words like "somebody", if we may be referring to either male or female, we use the pronouns "they, their, etc." and the reflexive themselves or even the singular "themself", though this last one is considered by some people to be incorrect)

DOMINEERING= who always tries to dominate and control other people.

CAN NOT= in the subtitles you can see CAN NOT. This is not incorrect, but the usual form is CANNOT, pronounced with just one N.

SELF-CENTERED= someone who only thinks of himself and his own needs (spelled "self-centred" in BrE)

OVER-POWERING= very powerful and domineering (a negative word).

BRASH- someone who is brash speaks too loudly or are too confident and aggressive.

COLORFUL= in BrE this word is spelled "colourful". It means "with a lot of colours", but may also be used metaphorically to signify that somebody is lively and very expressive and funny.

RESERVED= introverted, shy

MODEST= shy about nudity and sex. It may also mean humble

LIVELY= showing a lot of life and energy

INHIBITED= someone who doesn’t show their real feelings or thoughts because they worry too much about what negative things other people may think of them.

LIKABLE= nice, that you can like them

BOSSY= someone who enjoys telling other people what to do, giving orders, like a boss.

OVERWEIGHT= somebody who is overweight weighs too much, they are very very fat.



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