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What's your astrological sign? (personality) (Real English) (& BrE)
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Real English - lesson 7: Talking about personality.

In the second part of the video you'll hear the same scenes but with subtitles.


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Pay attention to the different pronunciations of the 12 astrological signs in English (what we call "the Zodiac"). And then see if you can pronounce these correctly:

Capricorn / Aquarius / Pisces / Aries / Taurus / Gemini / Cancer / Leo / Virgo / Libra / Scorpio / Sagittarius

Pay attention to the special intonation of questions beginning with WH-words (who, what, which, where, when, how). The intonation starts high, but then falls down at the end. See how they pronounce on this video the following questions:

What are Capricorns like?
What is your name?

But questions beginning with a verb don’t start so high and they rise at the end. See, for example, this sentence on the video:

Can you spell your name?

The following words are used by the spontaneous people on the video to describe their personality. Many of the words are explained below. As for the rest, if there is any word you still don’t know, you can look it up in the dictionary of this website (go to Menu).

Quiet / reliable / fun-loving / go on with everybody / happy / calm / flexible / impatient / dogmatic / kind / stubborn / nice / wonderful / versatile / talkative / young in appearance / split-personality type / loving / impulsive / aggressive / mean / ostentatious / easy-going / easy to get along with / well-balanced / sexy / sensual / secretive / egotist / egomaniac / outgoing / athletic / prone to hiccups

RELIABLE= someone you can trust

FUN-LOVING= someone who loves having fun (we can also say "I’m a TV-loving person", "sun-loving", etc.)

GO ON WITH EVERYBODY= in the subtitles they make a mistake and subtitle this expression as "get along with everybody" (which means exactly the same). They mean that you’re happy with everyone and everyone is happy with you because there is no conflict and everyone feels comfortable with your company.

STUBBORN= you make a decision and then you never change your mind.

VERSATILE= flexible

TALKATIVE= someone who is talkative talks a lot

SPLIT-PERSONALITY= to split is to divide, so this means that you have two different personalities. On some occasions you are this way, and on other occasions you are that way.

LOVING= a loving person is someone who loves everybody (well, most everybody maybe)

IMPULSIVE= first they act, then they think

MEAN= the word "mean" as an adjective can have three different meanings, none of them are nice:
1- a mean person is someone who doesn’t like spending money or giving money to other people.
2- if you’re mean, you’re unkind and may hurt people’s feelings.
3- mean is also "capable of being very bad-tempered and deliberately cruel". This sense of the word is only used in America and it is the meaning of this word on the video.

OSTENTATIOUS= someone who is ostentatious wants to impress people with their money, importance or any other grand quality. It’s a negative word.

EASY-GOING= someone who thinks life is simple and doesn’t worry too much about things. Also, it is difficult to make them feel angry or upset.

EASY TO GET ALONG WITH= similar to "easy-going" but just referring to the relationship with other people, so it means "difficult to make them feel angry or upset".

EGOTIST= they think they are more important than the rest.

EGOMANIAC= they think of themselves and not about the needs of other people. They don’t mind hurting other people to get what they want.

OUTGOING= extrovert, sociable.

PRONE TO HICCUPS= If you’re prone to an event, that event happens to you very often. So if you have many accidents you can say "I’m prone to accidents" or "I’m an accident-prone person". Hiccups are sudden convulsions in your throat that produce a distinct sound (hip!). You sometimes get hiccups after drinking or eating too quickly.



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