Tree of Life
Video page
Time 20
Level Upper Intermediate (B1+)
Language scientific

Before watching

Organise students in groups of 5, give them a list of animal kinds (make sure they can pronounce the names correctly) and tell them to put it in order of appearance according to the evolution theory as explained on the video.

(this is the correct order, but you should give them the list all mixed up): cells, bacteria, plants, sea worms, insects, fish, amphibians, reptiles, dinosaurs, birds, mammals, man.

While watching

What is the plural form of these words: bacterium, alga.
What is the correct pronunciation of: variety, species, surface, catastrophe.
How do they say on the video these words (you give them the words in their native language; adapt the list to their level): hollow, elongated, myriad, skull, fleshy, back-boned creatures.

After watching
Correct the list of animals according to evolution.
Now, every group will prepare 3 comprehension questions. Then, different groups will pair up, ask each other their questions, split up and pair up with a different group and so on.


They can go to the interactive activity linked from the Description. At home, everyone will surf a bit over there and try to find something interesting about evolution that they’d like to share with the rest. The next day they can share with the class that information in groups or all together.

Multimedia-English Activity sheet