Fill in the Gaps
Just like heaven
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Focus Listening
Instructions Write the suitable word/s inside the gaps to complete the sentence. Use the -TAB- key on your computer keyboard to move from one box to the next.
Gapped text
Show me ____________________ that trick. The one that ____________________ me scream, he said. The one that makes me ____________________, he said, and threw ____________________ around my neck.
Show me how you ______________________ and I ______________________ I promise that I'll run away ______________________, I'll run away ______________________.
Spinnin' __________________ dizzy edge, I kissed __________________ and I kissed __________________ and dreamed of all the __________________ ways I had to make __________________ glow.
Why are you so ________________________________?, he said. Why won't you ________________________________ know that I'm ________________________________, that I'm ________________________________.
You. ________________________ and only you. Lost and lonely you. ________________________ as angels dancin' in the ________________________ oceans. Twistin' ________________________. You're just ________________________. You're just ________________________.
Daylight licked me into ________________. I must have been asleep ________________ and moving lips to breathe ________________ I opened up ________________.
I found ________________________ alone alone, alone above the raging ________________________ that stole ________________________ I loved and drowned him deep ________________________.
You, soft ________________________________, you, lost and lonely, you. ________________________________. You, soft ________________________________, you, lost and lonely, you. ________________________________.
Total number of items: 8
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