Pompeii mice
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Fascinating documentary snippet showing plaster body casts of mice incinerated in Pompeii, the ancient Roman city buried under volcano ashes in the 1st century.


... 5 mice which were unearth near the northernmost edge of the city. Unlike the people, and most surprising of all, these mice seemed completely unaware of the pyroclastic flow which was rising towards them. The super heated ash cloud instantly obliterated them, as it raised through the population faster than the speed of sound.

Mice have keen hearing. Even so, they had no chance to hear their approaching doom. A mouse’s poor vision might explain how completely unconcerned they all seemed at the moment of incineration.

They were hunting for food, eating and grooming. This is the only one who appeared briefly aware that something might be happening, perhaps tipped off by a sudden rush of air.

It’s incredible to think about life in Pompeii ca...