Fruits and vegetables (Andre Moreno)
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Andre Moreno takes us to Santa Monica's open Market to teach us some vocabulary about fresh fruit and vegetables.


See if you recognize the fruit and vegetables shown on the video. If there is something you don’t recognize, don’t worry, it’s no use learning a word for something you don’t know what is.

EGG PLANT= in BrE they are more often called AUBERGINE (see picture)

CANTALOUPE= a small round melon, orange inside and very sweet and tasty (see picture)

ZUCCHINI= this word is used both for the singular and the plural (one zucchini, two zucchini). This is a plant that looks like a big cucumber and tastes like a pumpkin (see picture)

CORN (AmE)= MAIZE (BrE). In BrE, when we say CORN we mean wheat or barley. (see picture)

BEET= you can make sugar out of this root-plant (see picture)

TOMATOES= The stressed syllable -MA- is pronounced "mah" in BrE and "may" in most of the USA.

RIPE= a fruit or vegetable is ripe when it is ready to eat. If it is not ready yet, we say that it is GREEN.