Silence is golden (The Tremeloes)
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A great hit from 1967. An oldie-goldie who still sounds fresh and modern. This song created the expression "silence is golden" in the English language and is considered one of the best songs from the 60's.


Oh, don't it hurt deep inside
To see someone do something to her
Oh, don't it pain to see someone cry
Oh, especially when someone is her

Silence is golden, but my eyes still see
Silence is golden, golden
But my eyes still see

Talking is cheap
, people follow like sheep
Even though there is nowhere to go
How could she tell, he deceived her so well
Pity, she'll be the last one to know

Silence is golden, but my eyes still see
Silence is golden, golden
But my eyes still see

How many times will she fall for his line
Should I tell her or should I keep cool?
And if I tried, I know she'd say I lied
Mind your business, don't hurt her, you fool

Silence is golden, but my eyes still see
Silence is golden, golden
But my eyes still see


DON'T IT HURT= In standard English this should be "doesn't", but in colloquial English some people use "don't" for all persons. The sentence "doesn't is hurt?" is a rhetorical question (= a statement that is formulated as a question but that is not supposed to be answered), so it simply means "it hurts".

DON'T IT PAIN...= Doesn't it hurt...
Another rhetorical question. The use of "pain" as a verb is not common, but possible. We usually prefer other verbs such as "hurt" and use "pain" as a noun (if I hurt you I cause you pain).

SILENCE IS GOLDEN= Silence is very important; it's something precious (it's important to be quiet and not say anything).

BUT MY EYES STILL SEE= I must be quiet and not tell her what I know (that her boyfriend is cheating on her), but I'm not stupid, my eyes still see what's happening (I know the truth).
By the way, if you cheat on your lover, you secretly have some kind of sexual approach with another person.

TALKING IS CHEAP= (Proverb: talk is cheap) It is easier to say you will do something than to actually do it. (Saying this in response to someone who promises you something implies that you do not believe that person will keep the promise.)
- Jared told me he was going to come and help me, but talk is cheap.
- You always say you're going to take me to Venice. Talk is cheap.

In the sentence "talk is cheap", the word "talk" is a noun, it means the act of talking, speech. In the sentence "talking is cheap" we don't use the noun, but the verb "to talk", and when a verb is used as subject of a sentence it goes in the –ing form:
- Dancing is wonderful.
- Cheating is a terrible trechery.

PEOPLE FOLLOW LIKE SHEEP= People are uncritical and easily believe what others say. If you like a politician, you support him (we can also say that you "follow" him). If the politician deceives you and tells you lies and you believe him and support him, you follow him like sheep (uncritically, without reasoning). In this song the one deceiving is not a politician, but her lover.

HOW COULD SHE TELL?= (this is another rhetorical question) It is impossible for her to know what's happening = she can't tell.

PITY!= It's a pity, it's a shame. You say this when you think a situation is unfair and/or makes you fell sad about it.

FALL FOR HIS LINE= If you fall for something, you believe it without reservation. In colloquial English LINE is insincere talk, usually intended to deceive or impress. So to fall for his line means to believe his lies.

KEEP COOL= Act with your head rather than with your heart.

MIND YOUR BUSINESS= Don't interfere with other people's life, leave people alone.

YOU FOOL= When you insult someone, using YOU gives more emphasis (so "you stupid" sounds stronger than simply "stupid"). The words "fool" or "silly" are insults, but they sound too childish so it's not really an insult when used by adults. Here, the singer is reprehending himself for thinking about acting foolishly.


The phrase "Silence Is Golden" is an encouragement to silence, which comes from a Swiss inscription written in German and best known in the English translation by Thomas Carlyle: "Sprechen ist silbern, Schweigen ist golden" (speech is silver, silence is golden).The Tremeloes included this song in their stage act to feature guitarist Rick West's falsetto, now this expression has become popular in the English language thanks to them.

In Silence is Golden, the singer knows that a girl he is infaturated with is being cheated on by some other guy. The singer wants to let her know this fact but he is worried that by telling her, it will break her heart.