Unstoppable - The Hope of Jesus at Easter
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And you will be unstoppable...


All through history, people have changed the world.
They've built cities, empires and civilizations.
Discovered ways to help us see the past more clearly, and a future more boldly.
People fought for peace. Stood up for beauty. Gave their all to see value attached every human soul, not just the privileged few.
Many are heroes. Most are forgotten.
But all faced a challenge that brought their movement to a stop. A final battle, no man has ever won.
No man... except for One.
One Man did more, changed more and revealed more than any who came before or after.
One Man loved more, gave more and forgave more than all others combined.
One Man inspired more art. More healing. More learning. And left more hearts burning than any other.
And He did it all without an army.
Without worldly influence and power.
Never leaving a single word on a paper, but a library of love in people's hearts. A birth celebrated by billions.
A life that splits our time into before and after
A death that changed everything, forever.
Because for the first time in the history of our sad world spinning round, One man looked death in the face and death backed down.
Because this man...
This One Man...
Was unstoppable.

The grave couldn't hold him. Hate couldn't mold him.
The world couldn't contain Him and neither can our minds because He is the ultimate "More-Than". More than a teacher. More than a prophet. More than a philanthropist more than a philosopher shaman spirit guide.
He is untamable. Uncontrollable. Unexplainable. And un-killable. [just asked the people who tried] He's alive.
With forgiveness ongoing.
Grace ever-flowing.
Arms still holding your world and your life and everything in it.
Bigger than the sin that says you can't win it.
More ferocious than the fears that freeze you.
Stronger than the problems that seize you.
He is God. He is Unstoppable. He is here in grace and truth, holding out His hand asking:
"Do you want to be unstoppable too?"
Because all it takes is four words. Easy to say; hard to do.
Four words:
"I believe in You."
Mean it.
Really mean it
And you will be unstoppable, too.